Sometimes unfortunate events happen – that’s a fact. And sometimes those unfortunate events are ‘covered up’ – that’s a fact too. But these unusual conspiracies will amaze you – the depth of the cover-up, the complicity of the cover-up, and the audacity of the conspirators to perpetrate such an event.

Odessa – hiding Nazi war criminals

ODESSA, (German Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen, “Organization of Former SS Members”) is believed to have been an international Nazi network set up toward the end of World War II by a group of SS officers in order to avoid their capture and prosecution for war crimes. A fictional account of the organization was manifest in Frederick Forsyth's 1972 best-seller thriller The Odessa File. Forsyth's ODESSA smuggled war criminals to Latin America. However, several authoritative books by professionals involved in the U.S. War Crimes Commission (including T.H. Tetens and Joseph Wechsberg) have verified the organization's existence and given details of its operations. Wechsberg studied Simon Wiesenthal's memoirs on ODESSA and verified them with his own experiences in the book The Murderers Among Us. The purpose of ODESSA

The mysterious Vril Society – did a German secret society work with aliens to develop a groundbreaking energy source

They believed in a revolutionary new alternative energy source that would change the world forever, that short hair for women was atrocious, that a utopian New World order was inevitable, and that they could channel communications from alien races located in star systems that were light years away. The Vril Society, partnering with Nazis and assisted by the Vrillerinnens alien race, allegedly succeeded in the development of a groundbreaking saucer shaped transportation device. Is it myth, legend, or did the Vril Society really partner with alien races to develop radical new technologies that remained veiled from the world after the fall of the Nazis? The Vril Society The Vril Society, also known as Alldeutshe Gesellschaft fur Metaphysik or Vril Gesellschaft, were led by Maria Orsic (or Orsitsch) a