The Battle of Los Angeles

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On the night of February 24/25, 1942, less than three months after the United States entered World War II, an extraordinary event occurred in the skies of southern California. Known as the Battle of Los Angeles (or The Great Los Angeles Air Raid), a large number of flares, fires, blinking lights, and a huge UFO […]

Belgium UFO Wave

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On November 29, 1989, Belgium citizens, including several large groups of people and three groups of police officers, reported seeing a large triangular shaped craft flying at low altitude over the Belgium countryside. The sighting was followed by a month-long wave of UFO sightings.

Area 51 – U.S. top secret facility and prominent UFO hub hides many secrets

// December 22nd, 2012 // No Comments » // Places

Area 51, located at the corner of a Nevada nuclear test site, has long been rumored to be the home of some of the United States most highly classified national security projects. Hundreds of people have seen and photographed odd objects such as flying triangles, saucer shaped craft, and flying objects that maneuver in ways […]

The 2009 Norwegian spiral anomaly – spiral-shaped UFO witnessed by thousands in Norway

// December 11th, 2009 // No Comments » // Sightings

In 2009, a light was spotted in the skies above Norway that made other glowing-light UFO sightings pale by comparison. Called the “Norwegian spiral anomaly” or “Star Gate”, the UFO was visible to thousands of awe-struck Norwegians and photographed extensively, from Norway to Sweden. The event occurred on December 9, 2009 and lasted from 2-3 […]


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