Edgar Mitchell, NASA Apollo 14 astronaut, admits insider knowledge that UFOs are real

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When big-name scientists, celebrities, or other influential people admit their belief in the UFO phenomena, it’s an eye-opener.  When an astronaut, one that has flown an Apollo mission, says that he has inside knowledge that UFOs and aliens are indeed visitors from other planets, well, it’s jaw dropping.  That’s exactly what happened in 2008 when Edgar Mitchell, […]

Nuremberg Germany UFO Battle (1561)

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One of the most astounding of documented sightings of aerial phenomena took place on April 4, 1561 at dawn over Nuremberg, Germany. What was described could only be called a war in the heavens, with a wide variety of craft ranging from spheres to spear-like cylinders to crosses and “plates”.

The Hopeh China Sighting (1942)

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A young Japanese student Masujiro Kiryu, was going through his fathers scrapbook of photographs from the China Campaign, just before World War II, when he discovered a strange cone-shaped object in the sky above a Tsientsien Street.

The New Jersey Lights (2001)

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Around 12:30 AM on that Sunday morning, phones at the Carteret Police Station began ringing off the hook. Witnesses, and there were hundreds of them, were reporting a extraordinary array of lights in the sky.

The Phoenix Lights – UFO sighting witnessed by thousands of people (1997)

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On March 13, 1997, one of the most massively witnessed UFO sightings occurred in the skies over and around Phoenix, Arizona. Witnessed by thousands of people and photographed by hundreds, there is no doubt that something was seen over the skies of Phoenix that night. The question remains – what did they see?

Rendlesham Forest UFO event near Royal Air Force base in Suffolk (1980)

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On December 26, 1980 at approximately 3:00 AM, two United States Air Force security patrolmen noticed unusual lights outside the back gate of the base. Thinking that an aircraft had crashed, they requested to leave the base to investigate. The on-duty flight chief granted permission and sent three patrolmen to investigate – Sergeant Jim Penniston, […]

UFOs over Washington (1952)

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In the summer of 1952, Washington National Airport and Andrews Air Force Base became quite alarmed when radar picked up several flying objects over Washington D.C. Even more alarming, coordinates indicated that he objects were flying directly over the White House and the United States Capitol.

The Trent UFO Photos (1950) – UFO photos taken in McMinnville, Oregon become legend

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On May, 11 1950, in McMinnville, Oregon, Mrs. Trent was in her backyard feeding their rabbits when she noticed a strange object in the overcast sky. In a panic, she ran into the house and called to her husband who was in the kitchen grabbing a bite to eat.

The Kenneth Arnold Sighting – first UFO report

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On June 24, 1947, Kenneth Arnold saw something that would not only change his life forever, but his experience also served as a catalyst for our modern UFO craze. His report after seeing nine unidentified flying objects, is generally considered to be the first widely reported UFO sighting in the United States.

Alien Autopsy

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Possibly no event in the UFO community has triggered as much debate as the ‘alien autopsy’ film. The film, showing a purported autopsy performed on a dead alien from the Roswell, New Mexico crash, offers a unparalleled view into what a real alien could possibly look like.

The Aurora Project

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That the United States government conducts “Black Projects” is no secret. Black projects are projects that are considered top secret. They are so top secret that the government will not even acknowledge that they exist and will hide the budget details of the project or mislead the public by providing false details on the project. […]

The Travis Walton Abduction

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No abduction case in history has garnered as much publicity, fascination, and controversy than the Travis Walton abduction in 1975. And it’s no wonder. Do you believe the unshaken testimony of 7 witnesses, a testimony that has not deviated even years after the witnesses parted and gone their separate ways? Does the polygraph evidence, 13 […]

The Aurora Texas Airship Crash

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The year was 1897, during the era of the “great airships”, when an event occurred in the small town of Aurora that redefined the entire city. In the late 1800’s, people all over the United States had begun reporting sightings of blimp like aircraft floating above their cities. On April 19, 1897, word spread from […]

The Roswell UFO crash – evidence points to something out of this world

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On July 2, 1947, just 8 days after the Kenneth Arnold sighting, an amazing turn of events began unfolding in Roswell, New Mexico. It wasn’t until over 30 years later that the world began piecing together these amazing events to form a complex puzzle that to this day remains the most controversial and talked about […]

Gulf Breeze

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Gulf Breeze, Florida, a town with a population of just slightly over 6000, enjoyed their anonymity. But in the winter of 1987, their sleepy little town became the focus of the world.


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