The Twining Memo – 1947 letter from US General who visited Roswell confirms UFOs are real

UFOlogists believe one of the best pieces of evidence for the existence of UFOs and the United States’ cover-up of their presence is a memo from a top United States General dated September 23, 1947, known as the Twining Memo. The memo was uncovered by UFO researcher Stanton Friedman “in a classified box in a classified vault”. Its authenticity is rarely debated. The memo was written about two months after the Roswell incident in response to a request from an Air Force general (A-2) to provide information on the recent spate of “flying saucer sightings”. General Nathan Twining, head of the U.S. Air Material Command (AMC) wrote the classified letter to Air Force General George Schulgen. The letter explicitly says that UFOs are a real unexplained phenomenon. One

NASA releases Apollo 10 recordings revealing astronauts report hearing weird sounds (music) on far side of moon

“They (NASA) would withhold information from the public if they felt it was in the public’s best interest.” – Al Warden, Apollo 15 Command Module Pilot Apollo 10 orbited the moon two months before Neil Armstrong took his famous first step. During a pass on the “dark side of the moon”, the side facing away from Earth and a zone of silence for radio communications between the spacecraft and Earth, the crew were baffled by a series of mysterious sounds they heard which they described as “music”. "Did you hear that whistling sound too?" "Sounds like -- you know, outer-space type music." "I wonder what it is." The encounter occurred

The Black Knight Satellite – something is still out there orbiting ominously above Earth

Russian news media went wild this week over video from the Soyuz which claims to have captured an unusual object flying near the spacecraft. Explanations thus far include of course CGI and space junk, but many believe the object passing by Soyuz is the legendary Black Knight satellite. The Black Knight satellite is a near-polar orbiting object that many believe is a 13,000-year-old alien artifact lurking in the solar system. Its existence was first suggested after radio signal experiments in the late 1800’s detected inexplicable “echoes” in space. Similar radio signals were recorded in the 1930’s. No explanation for the unusual noises has ever been found. In 1954, newspapers in the US (St. Louis Dispatch, The San Francisco Examiner) ran stories attributed to retired naval aviation major and UFO

The mysterious Blue Planet Project documents – a complete transcript of the enigmatic alien conspiracy notebooks

It has come to be known as the Blue Planet Project document. This mysterious handwritten document appeared many years ago (May 1991) at the first International UFO Congress held in Tucson, Arizona and was said to be a “brain dump” from someone deep within the United States government. The notebooks presented at the conference were gray Composition Graph notebooks containing sketches, diagrams, formulas, charts, photographs, and information about extraterrestrials reportedly collected from various dark sites around the world. It reads like a data book of alien lifeforms and underground government technology.  Its authorship has never been determined. Below is the full transcript of the Blue Planet Project notebooks.  Images, drawings, and sketches have been inserted into the transcript where they appeared in the original document.  I've left

Man claims to have seen top-secret UFO files during visit to military base with Aunt

A man has come forward claiming he personally saw files related to UFO reports at McClellan Air Force Base in the early 1970’s. McClellan AFB is a U.S. Air Force base located seven miles northeast of Sacramento, California and David Armstrong says that his aunt worked in the UFO Records section of the facility for about eighteen years.  Armstrong says he reviewed the files for over two hours while his Aunt was called out of the room.  If true, the information he witnessed confirms several extraterrestrial theories proposed by UFOlogists. Armstrong visits McClellan Air Force Base When in his late teenage years, Armstrong travelled from North Dakota to Sacramento to visit his aunt who worked at the McClellan AFB. According to Armstrong, she asked if he wanted a

Many believe some segments of 1940’s recreation of Roswell dead alien film are authentic

Ray Santilli’s 1995 Alien Autopsy: Fact of Fiction documentary was long suspected to be a hoax before Santilli came forward and explained that much of the film was a recreation of a 1940’s film that he had seen and eventually purchased.  Although the video was originally presented to the public as an authentic autopsy on the body of an extraterrestrial that was recovered from the crash of a "flying disc" UFO near Roswell, New Mexico on June 2, 1947 (and sold to television networks and broadcast in more than 33 countries as such), Santilli maintained that part of the film did indeed contain actual footage – but never confirmed which part was authentic footage and which was recreated. According to the video producers, before Santilli could raise enough money

Bones, balls, people, and more – what’s with all the anomalous objects spotted on the surface of Mars?

As quickly as NASA publishes unbelievably detailed photographs of the Martian surface, people back home find odd and unusual objects within those photos. Of course NASA always discounts the newfound anomalous objects as “natural rock formations”. Matters were clouded in early 2014 when observant researchers found “before and after” photos proving that NASA occasionally “cleans up” some of their photos (and videos). NASA calmly explained that in some instances, camera imperfections must be corrected using software – like Photoshop. Still, despite NASA's proven manipulation of the Mars photographs, eagle-eyed researchers continue finding unusual anomalies in the photographs of the Martian surface and ask “Have you *ever* in your life seen a natural rock formation on Earth that looks like that?” Here are a collection of some

Boyd Bushman’s astonishing Area 51 deathbed confession – ex-Lockheed scientist reveals new alien/UFO photos

Boyd Bushman, who passed away in the summer of 2014, recorded a video shortly before his death in which he talked candidly about his personal experiences at Area 51 and his involvement there with alien technology, alien creatures, and their unique anti-gravity propulsion systems. During the "deathbed" video interview, Bushman produced a plethora of photographs showing the aircraft, alien visitors (dead and alive), and their futuristic technologies while disclosing never-before-told bits of information he gleaned from the unearthly alien visitors. Who was Boyd Bushman? Bushman passed away on August 7, 2014. Prior to his death, he worked as a Senior Scientist for Lockheed Martin. Spanning a forty-year career, Bushman was employed by Hughes Aircraft, General Dynamics, Texas Instruments, and Lockheed Martin during which time he was awarded

Painting created by noted Dutch artist in 1710 clearly shows disc-shaped UFO hovering above Jesus

Noted Dutch artist Aert de Gelder was one of Rembrandt’s most talented students.  Studying in his Amsterdam studio from 1661 through 1663, Gelder was a devoted Rembrandt follower which likely provided him unfettered access to the Vatican’s censored and secret artworks and literature.  It is believed by many that Gelder may have cleverly revealed this “forbidden knowledge” in some of his paintings, most notably The Baptism of Christ.  Painted in 1710, The Baptism of Christ clearly shows a disc-shaped UFO with rays of light emanating onto Jesus below.  UFOs and other mysterious elements in art and paintings were fairly common in the Renaissance Period, prior to the French Revolution, after which the Vatican began to consider such art a threat.  It is assumed that many

The Project Blue Book Unknowns – the complete list of unsolved Project Blue Book reports

Project Blue Book was a systematic study of the UFO phenomena conducted by the United States Air Force from 1952 through 1970.  Its goals were to determine if UFOs were a threat to national security and to scientifically analyze UFO-related data that was collected.  Most feel that in the second regard, Project Blue Book was a grave failure.  During the course of the project, 12,618 UFO reports were collected.  Of those, 701 reports remained “unidentified”. The Air Force defines "unidentifiable" cases as those which "apparently contain all pertinent data necessary  to suggest a valid hypothesis concerning the lack of explanation of the report, but the description of the object or its motion cannot be correlated with any known object or phenomenon." To meet such criteria,

Edgar Mitchell, NASA Apollo 14 astronaut, admits insider knowledge that UFOs are real

When big-name scientists, celebrities, or other influential people admit their belief in the UFO phenomena, it’s an eye-opener.  When an astronaut, one that has flown an Apollo mission, says that he has inside knowledge that UFOs and aliens are indeed visitors from other planets, well, it’s jaw dropping.  That’s exactly what happened in 2008 when Edgar Mitchell, of Apollo 14 fame, told Kerrang Radio while on air, “I happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomenon is real, although it has been covered up by our governments for quite a long time.” Edgar Mitchell, an astronaut on the Apollo 14 mission, became the 6th man to walk on the moon.  During his 1971

Alien Autopsy

Possibly no event in the UFO community has triggered as much debate as the 'alien autopsy' film.  The film, showing a purported autopsy performed on a dead alien from the Roswell, New Mexico crash, offers a unparalleled view into what a real alien could possibly look like.  The film first surfaced in 1995 on a British television talk show.  Later aired on the Fox network in the United States, it garnered an audience of over 10 million people. Ray Santilli, the purveyor of the film, will not disclose the identity of the filmmaker although it is believed that Ray may have slipped up in a public Usenet post and revealed the name of the cameraman - Jack Barrett, a 82 year old male from Florida.  Ray

The Aurora Project

Government Secret Projects That the United States government conducts "Black Projects" is no secret. Black projects are projects that are considered top secret. They are so top secret that the government will not even acknowledge that they exist and will hide the budget details of the project or mislead the public by providing false details on the project. The US Military/Industrial complex understandably requires that these projects exist. One reported project is called "Aurora". The Aurora project is a supposed project to create an ultra high-speed aircraft, possibly unmanned, capable of speeds in excess of Mach 6. Witnesses have reported seeing the aircraft in the state of Nevada near the infamous Area 51. Observers report seeing a large, triangular shaped craft and have described it as "a

The Battle of Los Angeles

Few are aware that 70 years ago there was a historic and widely documented air battle in the Los Angeles skies against an object that to this day, remains unidentified.  Known as The Battle of Los Angeles or The Battle of LA, the true life event was the basis for a 2011 movie of the same name. On the night of February 24/25, 1942, less than three months after the United States entered World War II, an extraordinary event occurred in the skies of southern California. Known as the Battle of Los Angeles (or The Great Los Angeles Air Raid or The Battle of L.A.), a large number of flares, fires, blinking lights, and a huge UFO appeared in the skies of Los Angeles. As warning