UFO sightings reached near-record numbers in 2019.

// January 16th, 2020 // News


Drone swarm of lights at night

History has shown that during troubled times, the number of UFO sightings increases. The last major outbreak was during the 1940-1950 period when earthlings were just coming to terms with their newfound darling, nuclear armaments. This week, that National UFO Reporting Center announced a nearly two-fold rise in UFO sightings during 2019, one of the most turbulent years in recent memory.

NURC says 5,971 sightings were reported in 2019. California led the country with Florida coming in a close second. Washington came in third with 222 sightings last year, an increase of 51 from 2018.

The rise in sightings was accompanied by an odd spate of drone-swarms reported in Colorado and the Navy’s coming to terms with UAPs by declaring they had captured multiple unexplained phenomena on video during the early 2000’s.


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