Area 51 clear photos taken by pilot

A wily Nevada pilot took advantage of Nellis air traffic controllers in April 2020. The pilot had flown near the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR) base before and knew that parts of the highly restricted airspace above the Mojave Desert were sometimes opened if no air traffic was using the space. Knowing this, Gabriel Zeifman notified Groom Lake’s control towers that he was flying toward a destination on the other side of the base. After several tries, he finally found the base “cold” (meaning no military flights were taking place in the airspace), and was given permission to fly across an outermost border.

What Area 51 personnel did not know, was that Zeifman’s Cessna 150 carried a powerful camera capable of gleaning clear photos from several miles away. The result is some of the best Area 51 photos we’ve seen to date.

Several new tidbits emerged from his excursion. The photos show a new massive hanger under construction, dozens of smaller identical hangers, as well as an unusual hanger on the outskirts of the base.

Check out some of Zeifman’s photos in the montage below.

Photos courtesy Gabriel Zeifman

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