Month: June 2020

Forrest Fenn’s $1 million treasure that he hid more than a decade ago has been found in the Rocky Mountains ending a chase pursued by hundreds of thousands of people.

I wrote about the Forrest Fenn treasure back in 2015 and even discussed some of the details with Forrest himself but even I was not really sure it was more than a hoax. Today however, we know the story is real. The famed art and antiquities collector has confirmed that a treasure hunter "from the East" has found the $1 million treasure he hid in 2010. Fenn did not reveal where the treasure was found, only that it was found in the wilderness in the Rocky Mountains "a few days ago". The treasure was confirmed by Fenn through a photograph the man sent him. The lockbox Fenn filled with treasure is a treasure itself – it dates to about 1150 AD. It measures 10x10x5, weighs 42