Woman survives fall from plane after parachute and backup parachute fail to open.

// August 15th, 2019 // News


Parachutisme Adrenaline parachute school in Quebec Canada


A 30-year-old woman has survived a fall from an airplane after her parachute and backup parachute failed to open. The woman, an experienced skydiver, had jumped at the skydiving facility Parachutisme Adrenaline in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec when her chutes failed to open. She fell approximately 1-mile to the ground. A witness told reporters:

“We watched all the way to the end. We kept hoping something would happen.”

Another witness witness said he noticed a skydiver falling much faster than the others and watched and waited for her chutes to open. They never did.

“It’s a miracle. I don’t know how a person can survive a fall from an airplane like that.”

The woman landed on trees near the landing area which cushioned the landing. She suffered several fractures including a broken vertebrae but authorities say her life is not in danger.


In 1999 a woman survived a similar fall after landing on a mound of fire ants. Doctors believe the shock of being stung over 200 times by the ants released a surge of adrenaline that kept her heart beating.


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