US Air Force accidentally dropped three “dummy bombs” on Florida yesterday.

// July 2nd, 2019 // News


AC-10 Thunderbolt II jet dropping flares

AC-10 Thunderbolt II jet in flightAn AC-10 Thunderbolt II jet accidentally dropped three “dummy bombs” on Florida yesterday. According to the 23rd Wing Public Affairs Office, the fighter jet accidentally dropped the bombs after striking a bird. Moody Air Force Base in central Georgia confirmed the bombs were “nonexplosive” but cautioned the public to not touch the bombs if found because they contain “pyrotechnic charges” and should not be handled by civilians.

The bombs are 25-pound BDU-33s (used to simulate 500-pound M1a-82 bombs) – more than large enough to crush someone. it is believed the bombs fell “somewhere off Highway 129 near Suwannee Springs in northern Florida”. Thus far, there are no reports of injuries or damage but the Air Force says the incident is still under investigation.

In case you run across them, they look like this:

BDU-33 simulation bomb

Sources: Fox News, Associated Press

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