A South Florida man is livid after being scammed this week in a home purchase. Initially Kerville Holness thought the bidding price for the property was too good to be true. The property auction was part of a sale of homesteads that had defaulted on their taxes. The picture showed a quaint villa, part of a duplex in Tamarac, with a bid price of just $13K.  The going price should have been over $150,000. Elated, he jumped on the deal.

When it came time to take possession of the land, however, Holness found that what he had purchased was a 1-foot wide strip of land running between two driveways of a duplex property. Its value? $50.

County officials are unsure why the strip of land was never attached to either of the adjoining properties but instead, remained in the hands of the developer. They say Florida laws do not allow refunds on property sales so Holness is stuck with the deal. County officials told reporters:

“The county doesn’t guarantee any of the properties, which are sold as-is.”

As for Holness, he noted that he barely won the auction. He outbid Antoine Rutherford, who also thought he was buying a villa, by $100.


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