Doctors in India are in hot water after nearly burying a man alive.

// July 5th, 2019 // News


Funeral in India

Doctors in Lucknow, India are in hot water this week after nearly burying a man alive. 20-year-old Mohammad Furgan was rushed to the hospital after a major traffic accident. Unable to “save him”, the doctors declared him dead. The man’s family made funeral preparations and the body was transported by ambulance for the funeral service. The man’s older brother was paying his last respects when he noticed the body moved.

“Devastated, we were preparing for the burial when some of us saw movement in his limbs.”

Not believing what his own eyes were seeing, he called his family over who confirmed that yes, the man was still moving about. Furgan was transported to another hospital where doctors confirmed he was still alive.

The family believes the hospital error may have been deliberate. They claim that medical officials worked on Furgan for days until the family told them they had run out of money and could no longer afford to pay. It was then that doctors declared the man dead. Local authorities have started an investigation into the matter.

Sources: Hinduism Times

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