NASA package with bizarre note falls from sky near Trump golf club causing panic and widespread goofiness

// August 11th, 2018 // News


NASA package with bizarre note falls from sky

Authorities and residents near Bedminister, New Jersey, location of President Donald Trump’s prestigious golf club, were sent into a state of panic on August 7, 2018 after an odd-looking package dropped from the sky and landed near 147 New Road in Kendail. The package was attached to a parachute and made an unusual hissing sound as it descended. Attached to the package was this message:

“NASA Atmospheric Research Instrument. NOT A BOMB! If this lands near the President, we at NASA wish him a great round of golf.”

So of course, authorities assumed the package WAS A BOMB.

Police agencies, including the New Jersey State Police Bomb Unit were rushed to the scene to examine the device which looked like a genuine Styrofoam cooler bomb. After a bit of good, old-fashioned detective work, authorities found that the package was indeed an actual NASA scientific instrument, a device to measure weather ozone levels. The message taped to the side of the device was a kindhearted attempt to defuse any panic lest an unsuspecting citizen found the strange-looking device in their backyard.

According to NASA, the message was penned by a summer student employee (yeah, blame it on the new guy) and say the student has since been removed from the project (Boo! Hiss!)

No charges were brought in relation to the incident.



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