Dark-winged demon-like creature captured in photograph in Arizona

// January 6th, 2017 // News


Photo of winged demon-like creature taken in Tuscon, Airzona (January 1, 2017)

The photo, which first appeared on social networks, appears to be real and untouched and depicts a spooky, dark-winged demon-like creature standing ominously in a vacant lot near a road. The original poster uploaded the photo with this question:

“What the hell do you see in this picture???”

The humanoid creature in the picture appears to be about 20-feet tall with long legs and outstretched wings. It is believed the photo was shot in Tucson, Arizona on New Year’s Day (2017).

I’m not calling hoax on this one but misidentification is not out of the question. It does indeed look like the legendary Mothman though…


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