Month: July 2017

40 years later, missing boy has been identified as a victim of serial killer John Wayne Gacy

John Wayne Gacy (aka The Clown Killer) was one of America’s most prolific serial killers. The number of Gacy victims, young boys he raped and murdered before burying them under his home, is unknown but believed to number thirty-nine or more. This week, a previously unidentified victim has been identified through the persistent efforts of the victim’s family. James Byron Haakenson was 16 years old when he left St. Paul, Minnesota for Chicago. He called his mother from Chicago on August 5, 1976 to let her know that he was okay.  Haakenson’s family has long suspected he was a victim of John Wayne Gacy.  In 1979, Haakenson’s mother visited the police to ask if her son was among the bodies found under Gacy's home. The case

Politicians, organizations, and shell companies spin a delicate web of deceit between Trump, Russia, and NYC mob

Unravelling President Donald J. Trump’s rumored political and business ties unveils potentially the greatest US conspiracy of all time When delving into potential collusion between Russia and high level U.S. officials, it's not the depravity of the participants’ actions but rather, the repute of the participants, the public’s level of trust in them, and the frequency of fraudulent activity which ultimately reveal to be the normal method of operation in the cesspool of Manhattan’s real estate market. With the evidence currently available, we cannot yet conclude that US President Donald Trump had illicit connections to the Russian government (or the mob), shrouded channels that potentially include concessions that weaken the USA’s democracy, nor can we confirm that Donald J. Trump’s business practices, or those of any other