Russia's President Vladimir Putin and chief of staff Anton Vaino

Meet Anton Vaino

44-year-old Anton Vaino - inventor of the NooscopeWhen in early August 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin selected 44-year-old Anton Vaino (or Vayno) as his new chief of staff, very little was known about the man. He had participated in no press interviews during the past year and had little personal biography openly available. It was known that he previously served as a foreign diplomat and was currently acting as deputy chief of staff when Putin selected him to replace his old KGB colleague, Sergei Ivanov, but other than that, Anton Vaino was a ghost.

Seeking information on Russia’s new Veep, researchers looked into Vaino’s academic work and stumbled across a startling discovery. What they found looked like something straight from the pages of a science fiction novel – only the story was verifiably true. Vaino claimed to have created a device that could monitor and manipulate human consciousness across the planet.

The Capitalization of the Future and the enigmatic Nooscope device

In 2012, an article titled The Capitalization of the Future appeared in a Russian insider journal, the Economics of Law. The article was attributed to “AK Vaino”. Even Russian scientists found the tome difficult to comprehend with its technical prose and complex charts and diagrams. What was readily apparent however, was the inference that societies had become too complex and governments needed to find a new way to regulate and control them. The article proposed an all-embracing system of government lead by an elite few – and a mystical device called a “Nooscope”.

The Nooscope device

Vaino’s article told of an apparatus which can tap into global consciousness – the thoughts, feelings, and actions of humans around the globe. According to Vaino, the device can “detect and register changes in the biosphere (areas of the earth occupied by humans) and in human activity”.

A scientist who previously worked with Vaino described the nooscope as “a device that scans interactions between people, things, and money”. He said the device’s importance paralleled the discovery of the telescope and the microscope. However, he refused to confirm whether the device existed or not.

Diagrams of the device show circular paths labeled “thoughts”, “expectations”, and “the future” flowing from a central node labeled “concept of the world”. A description of the device, which Vaino has already patented, says it consists of a network of “space scanners” and “spatial sensors” that scope out the “noosphere”, a stage of evolutionary development dominated by consciousness, the brain, and relationships to other people. According to Vaino, the device could “give clear readings of occurrences in time and space” was capable of “making the invisible visible”.


The Noosphere and Princeton’s decade-long Global Consciousness project

EGG nodes in Princeton's decade-long Global Consciousness project monitor global thoughtPrinceton’s University’s decade-long Global Consciousness project found that consciousness does indeed have subtle but important impacts in the world. They call this concept the “noosphere”. According to the GC project, human consciousness can be measured and may experience a “special resonance of feelings and ideas” in a system where random changes to society lose their randomness. In other words, human behavior, or “group consciousness” can be detected with “appropriate instruments” and can be made to synchronize using influences controlled by other people – or machines. Like a Nooscope.

GC’s ideas correspond to earlier theories of the “noosphere”, a third stage in earth’s development, which states that humanity’s collective thought impacts the earth as a whole – a sort of global intelligence. According to proponents of the theory, the world will soon progress from the second stage, the biosphere which is dominated by life, to the noosphere, a stage that takes us from the mindless biosphere to a world ruled by intention – and potentially intervention.

How Vaino’s Nooscope monitors and influences humanity

Vaino admits that his device is intended to allow the monitoring of humanity’s collective consciousness. Like a single sentient organism, we are all connected whether we realize it or not. Vaino’s device, which according to diagrams consists of computers, networks, and space-born sensors, acts like a planet wide electroencephalograph, a machine which measures the electrical activity in the human brain. According to Vaino, his device can be used to register any change in human activity and thought, and can do this throughout the planet even going so far as predicting what those humans will do next and potentially managing human interactions to influence the outcome.

But how do you measure thought? That’s the big question many believe Vaino’s device has managed to answer. Certainly it involves monitoring of the Internet which is practically an organic creature in itself. But Vaino’s device also seems to involve some sort of external electronic sensors – an enigmatic machine that measures the invisible “something” we emit via our consciousness.

The image of victory – is the Nooscope cause for concern?

Professor Vitaly Kourennoy, a philosophy professor at Moscow’s Higher School of Economics, told the BBC that,

“If we evaluate Vaino’s article by its meaning, then without doubt it’s a cause for concern.”

The idea of a Nooscope becomes even more concerning when we consider Vaino’s 2012 book, The Image of Victory. According to The New Yorker magazine, the book provides a “recipe for global domination”.

Additional information

Diagram snippets from Anton Vaino’s The Capitalization of the Future.

Sources: The New Yorker, BBC, Sputnik News, Princeton University, Daily Mail, ABC News

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