Mysterious metal balls fall from space into Vietnam

News reports this week reveal that the Vietnamese military seized three mysterious metal balls that fell from the sky on Saturday, January 9, 2016. The strange spheres landed in the Tan Dong and Bao Dap regions of north Vietnam. Witnesses report hearing thunder-like sounds and seeing “flying objects” in the sky just prior to the metal balls crashing to earth.

Two of the balls weight about 10 pounds while one, described as being the size of an exercise ball, weighed close to 100 pounds. One of the smaller objects crashed through the tin roof of a home while the other landed in the garden of a local Yen Bai resident. Luckily, the largest object landed near a stream in a corn field, far from civilian residents. There are no reports of injuries from any of the falling spheres.

All of the objects where quickly collected by Vietnam’s Air Defense Arms and passed to the Ministry of Defense for investigation. Many suspect the balls could have fallen from a rocket, likely a Russian device. The spheres are constructed of a metal alloy and “sealed” making it impossible to see what is inside. Witnesses report the objects “echo” when struck hinting that they may be empty.

Similar objects have been found in Turkey and Spain in 2015. Scientists believe the objects fell from about a 62-mile altitude.

Check out more photos of the mysterious metal balls in the pictorial gallery below.


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