Triangular UFO over Charlottesville Virginia

Triangular UFO over Charlottesville VirginiaA new set of UFO photos add to the rash of UFO sightings this year – and they might be the best triangular UFO photos to date. Shot in Charlottesville, Virginia around 8:55 PM on July 24, 2016, the photos show a triangle-shaped UFO moving low over Route 29 “near the Kroger and K-Mart”. The craft was witnessed by a Virginia woman and her mother. According to the witness:

“The UFO was at first stationary, then moved in a northeast direction on a straight-line path – and was gone”.

The object in the photo appears to be consistent with prior reports of triangular-UFOs – triangle-shape, likely military, with three, bright, portal-like white lights underneath and a red strobe in the middle. The witnesses initially thought the craft was a drone but noted that it appeared to be moving “very fast”.

During July, there have been several triangle-UFO sightings in the Charlottesville area.  This recent incident is being investigated by MUFON under case number 77904.

Sources: MUFON

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