Baby monitor video shows ghostly apparition playing next to sleeping baby in crib

// February 3rd, 2016 // News


Baby monitor video shows ghostly apparition playing next to sleeping baby

A creeped-out mother uploaded a spooky video to Facebook this week showing what appears to be two ghostly apparitions playing in a crib next to her sleeping baby. The mother, Jade Yates, captured the specters on video by filming a baby monitor while her daughter, Ruby, slept.

Yates says the room to Ruby’s door was closed and nobody else was in the house at the time. She watched the “ghosts” for about twenty minutes before going into the room to check on Ruby. When she returned to the baby monitor, the ghostly apparitions were gone.

Yates notes that Ruby was not unsettled at all by the experience but says she does routinely wake up every hour or so at night. With the uploaded video, she wrote:

“Fair to say I won’t be sleeping very well tonight. Who believes in ghosts? I didn’t until about 5 mins ago. This is a video thru my baby monitor of Ruby in bed… One freaked out mumma right hear.”

In the video, you can clearly see a pale white figure sitting up in the bed, then standing, then moving about the crib as if interacting with a second mysterious “presence”. I’ve added post-processing zooms to some sections of the video. Check it out below.

Ghost playing in crib with sleeping baby
Sources: Facebook (Jade Yates)

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