Month: December 2016

Russian survival reality show will allow participants to fight, rape, and murder for $1.65 million reward

It’s being unofficially called The Hunger Games for Millionaires. Officially, it’s to be titled Game2:Winter. The survivalist reality TV show’s press release reads: “Everything is allowed. Fighting, alcohol, murder, rape, smoking, anything.”  The show promises to air 24/7 around the world (with real-time English translations) as contestants attempt to survive Russia’s brutal Siberian wilderness while soliciting desperately-needed items from viewers watching remotely. It’s a real-life Hunger Games and if development of the show follows through, sadly, it’s sure to be a smash hit. The Game2: Winter contest The announcement came from Russian entrepreneur Yevgeny Pyatkovsky in September 2016 via the Game2:Winter website. The games are expected to launch on July 1, 2017 and continue through the winter, when Siberian temperatures reach minus 104F, and into April 2018

Eyewitness report from welder who cut open the crashed UFO at Roswell

A retired engineer has opened up and revealed an interview he conducted with a military welder who described cutting open the hull of the infamous crashed UFO at Roswell. The witness’s version not only matches other Roswell eyewitness accounts, including confirmation of strewn wreckage and lifeless alien bodies inside the downed UFO, but reveals new details that may forever change the Roswell saga. The engineer who interviewed the welder, explained that his interest in UFOs began while attending school at the University of California in Santa Cruz. After conducting a few amateur UFO investigations, his reputation on campus as “someone who knew about UFOs” grew. It was during his time at UCSC when a friend from his church introduced him to another friend who had asked to