Month: April 2016

Area 51 up in smoke – photos of huge fire and roiling smoke at top-secret military base

A couple visiting Area 51 captured photographic evidence of a remarkable fire that has locals and nearby Las Vegas residents worried about what might have gone up in smoke (and spread through the air) at the top-secret military base. The man recalled noting several roiling plumes of smoke as they approached the final gate leading into Area 51. “Really weird smoke over there. What could be going on?” The couple pulled to the side of the road where other cars were parked, watching the smoking fire. Within minutes, the infamous “white truck” security team came to the scene and blocked the road leading towards the fire. The couple filmed the event in 2012 but feared retribution if they published the video. They uploaded the video to YouTube this week. Check out pictures of

Legendary Pope Lick Monster claims yet another victim in Kentucky

The Pope Lick Monster, a part-man, part-goat, and part-sheep creature rumored to lure victims onto the Norfolk Southern Railway bridge over Floyd’s Fork Creek (aka Pope Lick Creek) in the Fisherville area of Louisville, Kentucky, has claimed yet another victim this week – 26-year-old surgical assistant Roquel Bain died on the infamous railway trestle on Saturday, April 23, 2016 after being unable to escape on oncoming train. The most prominent Pope Lick Monster legend says the creature uses some sort of mind control or voice mimicry to lure victims onto the train trestle to meet their death. Another legend says the sight of the creature, which appears as a human-animal hybrid with the horribly deformed body of a man, goat-like legs, and a pure white porcelain-like face,

The enigmatic EmDrive (or Cannae Drive) – an impossible propulsion engine that scientists still cannot explain

The enigmatic propulsion system known as EmDrive was designed in 2001 by Roger Shawyer and promoted through his company, Satellite Propulsion Research. A short time after its development, chemical engineer Guido Fetta designed a similar mechanism he called the Cannae Drive (aka Q-Drive, Q-Thruster). Both systems were considered scientifically implausible and disregarded by scientists who noted that the propulsion system violated one of physics most powerful laws - the law of conservation of momentum, which states the total momentum of two objects before and after collision must remain constant. In other words, it’s impossible to produce thrust without consuming any sort of propellant. The problem is, the EmDrive really works – and in 2015, to their surprise, NASA was inexplicably able to duplicate Shawyer’s findings leaving scientists scratching their