NASA cuts video feed (again) after twin beams of light appear erupting from Earth

I confess, I don’t know what NASA is hiding but that they are hiding something important is without question. In the video below, filmed as ISS passed high above Earth, you will see twin beams of light that have burst through the atmosphere. The huge beams of light seem to remain stationary as ISS passes overhead. True to NASA convention, after only a few seconds of video, they quickly cut the feed.

Check out the video below.  I’ve included post-processing zoom after the initial live feed.


NASA video feed captures twin beams of light erupting from Earth


The incident follows a similar scenario that occurred only a few days earlier when NASA cut the feed after a massive cylinder-shaped craft shot across the top of the screen. As one YouTube commenter pondered:

“Right after that brief shot of that UFO NASA cuts the video, what a coincidence.”

Sources: YouTube (StreetCap)

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