NASA cuts video feed (again) as enormous UFO captured rising above Earth

More NASA HD video surfaced last week of an unusual object rising out the Earth’s atmosphere. As with previous events, as soon as the UFO appears, NASA quickly cut the video feed due to “technical difficulties”. In the video below, watch the horizon on the right-side of the screen (post-processing zoomed views were added after the unprocessed video segment).  As the Earth rotates below, the “High Definition Earth Viewing experiment” captures a huge, round object rising above the earth’s horizon and into space.

Very few explanations have been offered thus far. Some surmise debris on the camera lens, space junk floating in the distance, or some sort of unknown top-secret high-tech aircraft. Others have proposed that the unknown object is the Moon. Most are still scratching their heads.

It’s worthy to note that zooms of the area in question show the earth’s atmosphere is disturbed as the object moves through it indicating the object moves through the atmosphere and not behind it.  Seconds later, the object is above the atmosphere, providing us an excellent undistorted view of the UFO. Close-ups reveal a near-perfectly round object which would promote the theory that the object is a balloon – except the size (relative to the Earth) would mean the balloon would be enormous – like “city-sized”!


NASA High Definition Earth Viewing experiment cuts feed as UFO rises above Earth
Sources: NASA

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