Caught on video – military transport carrying nuclear weapon gets rear-ended by armored vehicle

// November 4th, 2015 // News


The videographer that shot frames from the video below, explained that a military convoy, complete with several military helicopters in the air and federal marshals leading the way, passed through his town (Nevada area). According to the videographer, the convoy was delivering nuclear weapons or nuclear material (possibly a common occurrence in his area). As the videographer was shooting the film, he says a federal agent pulled over and attempted to stop him from filming the procession. During the distracting melee, one of the trailing escort vehicles rammed into the back of the truck the convoy was protecting!  Not sure (and afraid to ask) what happened to the cargo inside.

Here is the convoy approaching the man’s position (presumably the federal official has already attempted to stop the man from filming).  Helicopters are in the air ahead of the procession.

Military processing protecting important military cargo

Military processing protecting important military cargo

Note the military truck directly behind the 18-wheeler.  For logistical reasons, it is required to remain very close to the semi it is protecting.

Military processing protecting important military cargo

This is the truck in question.

The truck just behind the 18-wheeler is about to crash into the back of the semi-truck

Just as the convoy reached the man’s position (where the agitated federal agent was still trying to stop the man from filming), the truck runs into the back of the 18-wheeler carrying the protected cargo.



Here is the moment the military vehicle crashed into the back of the semi

Here you can see the truck braking hard in an unsuccessful attempt to avoid ramming into the semi-truck.



The military truck brakes hard trying to avoid the crash

The convoy did not stop but rather, just sped away.

And the convoy speeds away

Close call!

Sources: LiveLeak

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