LA police look for reverse driver who (expertly) drove Mulholland thru Hollywood strip backward

LA police are looking for a driver and his female cohort who were filmed speeding backward for miles through the heart of Los Angeles, California. Police say reports of the hair-raising stunt began pouring in from stunned onlookers on Thursday afternoon. Video shows the driver, who was piloting an Audi with dealer plates, swerving in reverse around sharp bends on Laurel Canyon Boulevard, down Mulholland Drive, and onto Sunset Boulevard. At one point on the video, the driver maneuvers through busy Hollywood Boulevard around other cars and into the heart of Hollywood.

Los Angeles police call it “some of the most reckless driving investigators have ever seen” and say the driver “could face numerous charges, including reckless driving and failure to drive on the right half of the roadway.”

Check out snippets from the crazy video below.

Reverse driver in Hollywood, California
Sources: Video courtesy Kevin Zanazanian

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