Employees at haunted Mexico City International Airport proffer photos of little-girl ghost who regularly haunts their airport

// November 3rd, 2015 // News


Ghost of little girl inside an abandoned airplane at Mexico City International Airport


Reports of the ghost of a 7-year-old girl roaming the grounds of Mexico City International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez) are not new. The spirit has been seen by employees in and around the terminal and in the airport’s “cemetery of planes” where unrepairable damaged parts of aircraft are thrown away. Several months ago, a guard took the picture above of what he says is the little-girl ghost peering through the window of an abandoned plane.

Now this week, another photo has surfaced showing the ghostly image of the girl in front of the airport’s entry.

Ghost of 7-year-old little girl in from of the Mexico City International Airport terminal

Most witnesses describe the little-girl ghost wearing a long nightgown and cap (reminiscent of the Victorian era) and often she is seen carrying a ball in her hand.

Airport security note that the areas she supposedly haunts are restricted and patrolled day and night.

Sources: USA Today, News United, Realtime News

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