David Armstrong claims to have seen top-secret UFO files during visit to base with Aunt

A man has come forward claiming he personally saw files related to UFO reports at McClellan Air Force Base in the early 1970’s. McClellan AFB is a U.S. Air Force base located seven miles northeast of Sacramento, California and David Armstrong says that his aunt worked in the UFO Records section of the facility for about eighteen years.  Armstrong says he reviewed the files for over two hours while his Aunt was called out of the room.  If true, the information he witnessed confirms several extraterrestrial theories proposed by UFOlogists.

Armstrong visits McClellan Air Force Base

When in his late teenage years, Armstrong travelled from North Dakota to Sacramento to visit his aunt who worked at the McClellan AFB. According to Armstrong, she asked if he wanted a tour of the McClellan Air Force Base. Armstrong knew that she had a high civilian clearance, around GS-12, but was not sure what her job duties entailed. She first took him to her office before showing him around the base. After stopping by the desk to get their badges and a quick introduction to who he believes was a Colonel, they entered the codes on a security pad and passed through another secured door before entering her office. She explained that this is where she spent all of her time categorizing files and flatly explained, that the material she worked with involved UFOs and extraterrestrials.

It was about this time that the Colonel entered the room and explained that an urgent situation had arisen and the help of his aunt was greatly needed. She asked if her nephew could remain in her office while she left. The Colonel agreed. Before leaving, she told him to not touch anything. After she left, he began rummaging through files starting with one labeled “crash retrievals”. One file, labeled in a manner that indicated it involved a crash in Pennsylvania in the 1970’s, caught his attention. In the file, Armstrong noticed a few photos of what looked like a crashed alien craft.

He next reviewed a file labeled “Patterson, Wright” This file contained photos of aircraft hangers and several interoffice memos, many stamped “secret” or “top secret”. He recalls one memo mentioning a “4-6 month period to examine the craft”.

One file labeled “Roswell-Corona” also caught his attention – he had “sort of heard of that”. In this file, he found a stack of Polaroid photos (which he had never seen before – Polaroids were not invented until 1948). He recalls one photo of a tall military person standing next to a shorter “alien being”. The alien had a large head, skinny body, and large black eyes.


“At the time I had never seen anything like this so I stared at this one for a little while.”

Another picture showed four covered bodies laying on a tarp with only their heads exposed. He could tell that these beings were dead. One in particular, showed a creature with the side of its face smashed so he knew they must have been involved in some sort of disaster. Another showed a picture of a saucer with a large, gaping hole in the front of it. He could make out two seats inside the craft but little else. The terrain around the craft appeared to be a rocky, sparsely-vegetated, desert like area. Other photos showed pictures of army trucks with trailers behind them. He remembered the army truck having a rounded tarp over the bed of the truck. He rewrapped the photos and placed them back, then grabbed another stack.

The next set of photos showed a large field of debris. This set showed five beings laying on a tarp – all dead.

Photos of military men standing in front of a saucer-shaped craft

He grabbed another stack which contained photos of a craft that was in much better shape with little more than a bit of fire damage on the outside of the craft towards the top. There were pictures of military men standing in front of the saucer-shaped craft.  He estimates the craft was about 8-10 feet tall and about 40-50 feet wide.

“Not really a small saucer, but not a huge one either.”

Alien autopsy photos

Armstrong recalls some pictures showing military men wearing gas masks and other pictures showing what looked like autopsy photos. They had a diagram, sort of a drawing, of a being with his ribs opened showing a very basic, simple digestive system. He remembers the report showing quarter-sized “wafers” which he felt hinted this is what they ate. The report noted the beings were very similar to each other – almost like clones (one appeared to have a slightly protruded stomach).

Another autopsy report talked about the head, especially the eyes. They showed that there were black lenses that could be removed to completely change their appearance. The report noted that wearing the lenses provided much improved night-vision. The beings had very small mouths and ears (the drawings he saw had human body parts drawn next to the alien body parts for comparison).

“Another autopsy report showed that the brain was a little different. How we have a left and a right hemisphere, they appear to have two plus another hemisphere which makes their head a little differently-shaped –they’re bigger than ours.”

The report noted that the brain matter was lighter in color than human brain matter. The hands appeared to be longer than ours, with thin fingers about the same length, and much more flexible than human hands, almost like thumbs.

Beings from Zeta Reticula

One file contained papers that appeared to have been added to the file at a later time. It noted that the location the beings were from was Zeta Reticula (he recalled “a plant name with numbers after it”). The report noted that the smaller craft operated from a much larger craft that did not enter the earth’s atmosphere. He recalls one photo of a black box which contained rocks and a plant.

He remembers that one of the beings in the report apparently lived for about 2 years. A number of people had tried to talk with it but pictures at first, were the best way to communicate effectively with it. Eventually there were a few scientists who could communicate with the creature telepathically. They believed that the being would never be rescued. It was first transferred to Albuquerque and kept at a hospital facility (he recalled the being appeared to be very weak). The creature could not take water nor food.

Armstrong poured through the paperwork for a couple of hours until he heard the sound of the outer door opening. He recalls being disappointed because “there were other files that he did not have time to look through”. He quickly opened up a book that she had given him and read a paragraph real quick.

Sightings organized by country

Armstrong says he recalls a file labeled “sightings” that was organized by country. He also remembers his aunt warning him once again to not tell anyone where she worked. She said, “You know, if you ever told anyone where I worked, they could kill my entire family.”

Armstrong says he “sort of disregarded the information” at the time. He was young and did not recognize the importance of what he had seen. Later he attended a UFO conference (he recalls Marrs spoke there) and realized a “cover up” had taken place in the past.  He went through regression therapy to help remember some of the things he saw that day and only came forward after his aunt had died for fear of getting her in trouble or putting her in danger.  He remembers her telling him that her work was important – but that it was even more important that what she did was never disclosed to the public.


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