Month: April 2015

Couple’s final photos tell tsunami story from the grave (2004 Indian Ocean tsunami)

As if their last words were cut off mid-sentence The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake (aka Sumatra-Andaman earthquake) on December 26 is the third-largest earthquake ever recorded and holds the record for the longest duration of faulting ever observed. The massive event triggered a series of devastating tsunamis along the Indian Ocean coast that generated waves up to 100 feet high which pounded the shores resulting in the deaths of approximately 230,000 people. Among those who died were John and Jackie Knill. When their digital camera was discovered among the rubble on a deserted beach in Thailand, the world was left with the pictorial last words of the couple – a visual record of their last moments on earth presented in a harrowing sequence of photos that

Lost 1934 photograph of Loch Ness Monster (Nessie) surfaces at last

June 10, 1934 Loch Ness Monster photo surfaces Relatively few people know that shortly after the July 22, 1993 George Spicer photograph, the infamous Loch Ness Monster photo that spawned modern-day interest in the legendary creature, another intriguing photo was taken of Nessie which generated quite a buzz when it appeared on the front page of the Glasgow newspaper. The original photo, and the identity of the photographer, has been lost to history. In fact, not even a full-scan of the newspaper’s picture was readily available.  That changed this week when a scan of the newspaper's front page photo appeared online. The photograph was taken on June 10, 1934 in an area of the Loch Ness near Fort Augustus. Its existence has been known about for many years.  A sketch of

Multiple panicked witnesses call New York City 911 reporting a fast-moving “flying saucer” over the Bronx

For the second time in twelve months, residents of New York City reacted in panic after seeing a UFO streak across the skies above the Bronx. Authorities say they received several phone calls from citizens on April 25, 2015 reporting a “flying saucer” moving swiftly over East 149th Street and Bruckner Expressway. Juan Marrero was on the roof of his building in Hunts Point (a neighborhood in South Bronx) tending to his pigeons when he saw two bright orbs speed across the sky. “I look up and see this fireball, ‘Whoosh!’ and then another, ‘Whoosh!’ From one side of the sky to the other, too fast for an airplane.” 25-year-old Andres Morales also spotted the streaking objects. He grabbed his smartphone and began taking pictures including the one

Officials unable to explain strange 2-3 minute “roar” heard throughout southern Wisconsin

A roaring sound heard throughout southern Wisconsin on April 19, 2015 has anxious residents mystified and seeking answers from authorities. The sound, described as “louder than a jet airplane” and lasting for 2-3 minutes, was heard around 8:15 PM in the cities of Beloit, Elkhorn, Delavan, Milton, Evansville, Albany, Monticello Monroe, Janesville, and other communities east of Milwaukee. One resident described the noise as “loud and constant” while another reported the noise was so thunderous, her house “vibrated”. One frightened family said they thought a large plane was about to land on their home. A local Monroe man described the sound as similar to the deafening noise of a low flying commercial jet and noted that after about 3 minutes, it seemed to fade towards the west. A

Interesting UFO video out of Atlanta shows three bright white orbs following commercial airplane

The video below was filmed by an airline passenger last summer as his plane began its descent into Atlanta, Georgia and shows three bright white orbs tailing the plane, flying in various random formations before speeding off, disappearing out of frame as they move below the plane. The passenger says at first he thought the lights were another aircraft. When he noticed their random movement, he grabbed his cellphone and began filming.  Days after his video was released, others came forward saying they saw the same formation of lights in the Atlanta sky around the time of the video's release. Real or CGI – I’m not sure. White orbs are easy to CGI and sometimes difficult to determine if real or fake. Given the movement of the

The Minerva Monster – huge, hairy bigfoot beast terrorizes a Ohio family

The Minerva Monster Bigfoot sightings in northeast Ohio are nothing new – inexplicable bipedal cryptids been sighted in the area for at least 75 years – but the Minerva Monster incident, which triggered a massive coordinated search for an elusive “huge, hairy creature” that stalked the woods and terrified a local family near the town of Minerva, has long been regarded as one of the most convincing Bigfoot incidents in history. Cedar Bog opens – locals report ape-like monster In 1942, Ohioans shook with excitement when the Ohio Historical Society listed Cedar Bog as a nature preserve, the first of its kind in Ohio. Located in Champaign County, Ohio, the bog was carved by a glacier leaving behind the Teays River, a rich, fertile area teaming with natural