Month: February 2015

Man falls asleep next to one-night-stand woman, wakes up a eunuch

Dmitry Nikolaev must feel like he has seen it all. At 30-years-old, he’s been a soap opera star, a cartoon animator, and now it seems, a eunuch. Russia Life News reported that Nikolaev had just finished a performance at a small theater in Moscow when he was approached by a beautiful woman after the show. The young lady, whom Nikolaev described as a “young, attractive blonde”, flirted with Nikolaev and then invited him to a nearby sauna where they drank beer, made out, and soaked in the hot tub. The next thing Nikolaev remembers, he awoke at a bus stop in excruciating pain, clutching his groin. Nikolaev noticed his trousers had a lot of blood on them and quickly called an ambulance. He was rushed to a

Police find mysterious sophisticated underground tunnel near Pan Am games site – authorities baffled

Canadian police have found a mysterious tunnel near the venue for the 2015 Pan America Games which are slated to be held in Toronto this summer. Toronto Police Deputy Chief told reporters the tunnel measured more than 6 feet in height, easily tall enough for someone to stand in comfortably, and stretched about 33 feet in length. Authorities say the tunnel, which was located about 10 feet underground, was professionally constructed with wooden supports and a ladder leading down to the chamber. The sophisticated tunnel was discovered by accident by a conservation officer last month who noticed a large piece of aluminum sheeting in a field. When she lifted the sheet, she discovered the tunnel entrance (a wooden lid covered with dirt). The tunnel was equipped

Woman walks out of a bar and awakens to find herself in cardboard box at a landfill

Irving, Texas police are trying to determine how a half-naked woman found in a cardboard box at a city dump found herself in such a strange predicament. Municipal landfill workers stumbled upon the woman about 9:00 AM on Saturday morning. The woman was wearing only a T-shirt and told police she had no memory of how she ended up in the box or at the dump. In fact, a missing persons report was filed with the police mere hours before she was discovered. According to the woman, the last thing she remembered was being out on the town, partying with a girlfriend in Dallas. The victim’s friend went to get their car, leaving the woman with a man who agreed to stay with her. When she returned, the

Chemtrails and the mysterious orbs often seen flying around them

Many believe that some contrails, those willowy wisps of white vapor released from a jet airplane’s engines, are really “chemtrails” – chemically tainted vapor being purposely released for some unknown but potentially ominous reason. Even stranger than the chemtrails themselves, many witnesses have reported mysterious white or silver orbs moving around and through the chemtrails. In the video below, the mystery deepens as we witness a chemtrail orb ejecting something at high speed ahead of itself. Is it a weapon system? A probe? A geoengineering weather system? Admittedly, I’m at a loss on this one… Contrails of chemtrails – what is the difference? Normal contrails (condensation trails) are formed when the hot humid exhaust from an airplane jet engine disperses into the colder surrounding atmosphere. The result is

The full-story behind the stunning newly discovered photos of Roswell alien (the “Roswell Slides”)

Discovery of the Roswell Slides In 1989, an Arizona woman was cleaning the home of a deceased couple, readying the home for an upcoming estate sale, when she made a discovery that could have ground-breaking implications for humanity. While carrying items to the garbage can, she noticed a box (or chest) full of Kodachrome slides which she figured could be somewhat interesting. She took the box of photo slides to her home and placed them in her garage. And there the box sat – for ten more years. Around 1999, the woman dug through the pictures in the forgotten box and to her surprise, found photos from all over the world, many of which included famous celebrities such as Bing Crosby, Clark Gable, and President Dwight Eisenhower.

Purplish disc-shaped UFO captured on video by professional Peruvian film crew

A TV crew filming an interview with a Peruvian politician were startled to see a strange, purple, disc-shaped UFO hovering in the distance over the city of Lima. Once camera operators pointed out the object, Congressman Renzo Reggiardo stopped the interview and camera crew turned their cameras towards the unusual object. Soon, dozens of excited witnesses also spotted the UFO and began filming the event with their personal smartphones. The sighting occurred on February 10, 2015 at 10:30 AM in Lima, Peru during the taping of the program Alto al crimen (High Crime). The object was described by witnesses as a large, purple, disc-shaped spinning object that hovered in the sky for two hours before flying off into the distance. UFO sightings in Lima are not unusual with

Yuck! What’s this tiny mysterious sea creature found in a can of tuna fish?

Zoe Butler was more than disturbed when she opened a can of tuna to find a tiny little sea creature staring back at her. According to Butler, she opened the top of the lid and noticed an ugly “purply thing” which after pushing around with a fork, “saw it looking back at me.”  Butler told reporters: "I dropped the fork, jumped back, screamed a bit and shouted for my nanny to come and have a look.” Nobody is quite sure what the bug-eyed creature is but suggestions include the fetus of a blowfish, a tadpole, a juvenile crab, the head of a soft-shelled turtle, and the head of a tongue-eating louse (a parasite that lives inside fish, entering through the gills and attaching itself to the unsuspecting

Horrific crash of TransAsia Airways airplane captured on terrifying dashcam videos

The moment a TransAsia Airways airplane came down in Taiwan has been caught on several terrifying dashboard videos. The plane, carrying 58 people heading to the island of Kinmen, crashed shortly after takeoff on February 4, 2015 after narrowly missing a series of high-rise buildings and clipping a taxi cab and freeway bridge before crashing into a river. Half of the passengers on the plane survived the violent crash. Below is the dashcam video shot from the automobile closest to the event.  This video was shot from a car travelling behind the taxi that was clipped by the crashing airplane. TransAsia Airways crash–dashcam video from closest vehicle   Below is video shot from the second closest car. The braking car in front is the source of the first video

Many believe some segments of 1940’s recreation of Roswell dead alien film are authentic

Ray Santilli’s 1995 Alien Autopsy: Fact of Fiction documentary was long suspected to be a hoax before Santilli came forward and explained that much of the film was a recreation of a 1940’s film that he had seen and eventually purchased.  Although the video was originally presented to the public as an authentic autopsy on the body of an extraterrestrial that was recovered from the crash of a "flying disc" UFO near Roswell, New Mexico on June 2, 1947 (and sold to television networks and broadcast in more than 33 countries as such), Santilli maintained that part of the film did indeed contain actual footage – but never confirmed which part was authentic footage and which was recreated. According to the video producers, before Santilli could raise enough money

Woman in Santiago, Chile claims she was violently shoved down by a ghost and has the CCTV video to prove it

A woman in Santiago, Chile claims she was violently shoved down by a ghost and has the CCTV video to prove it. 34-year-old Cecilia Carrasco was standing near the reception desk at a lawyer’s office when she says she felt hands, even though nobody was around at the time. Suddenly, she found herself laying flat on the floor. “I wasn't aware of anybody in front of me as I passed the reception desk talking to a girl, and as I looked towards the receptionist I suddenly felt two pairs of hands shove me over. I hit the floor but when I looked up I couldn't see anybody, and I thought they had probably run off. When the receptionist told me that there was nobody there, I