Month: January 2015

Japan’s abandoned island of Hashima – experience the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse

Hashima Island began life as a vibrant coal mining facility.  At one point, with a population density of over 83,500 people per square kilometer, it was the most densely populated piece of land on the planet. About 9 miles from Nagasaki, where the second atomic bomb was dropped (and reportedly shook buildings on tiny island), Hashima is only 16-acres, barely 2/100 of a square mile, and is lined with multi-story apartments, business offices, and manufacturing facilities. Today, aside from rats and a few feral cats, the population of the island is zero and visitors to the deserted land mass say the abandoned and undisturbed buildings look like the shocking aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. History of Hashima Island Less than an hour boat ride from the shores

Rash of Slender Man sightings besiege British homes – multiple reports from Cannock spark new investigation

Four separate sightings of Slender Man, the tall, stick-like specter said to visit people’s homes in the dead of night, have been reported in Britain’s Cannock area sparking an investigation of the spooky sightings. Paranormal investigator and British author Lee Brickley told reporters: “To get so many sightings at roughly the same time is unusual.” Three of the four Slender Man sightings took place inside the person’s home, the first of which was a Slender Man visit to the home of Pye Green around 2:00 AM on December 14, 2014. Green awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of a scratching noise inside her bedroom. As she rose from bed to investigate, she saw a “sphere-shaped shadow” near her wardrobe. As she swung her

23-year-old man stuck in mind-numbing deja vu loop – relives each moment over and over again for 8 years

It’s a fairly rare occurrence but something all of us experience from time to time. That unusually strong sensation that you’ve been there before or already experienced what you’re doing (or reading) in the present time – it's called déjà vu which is French for “already seen. For most people, the feeling passes quickly leaving us slightly frightened and more often, confused. But not so for a 23-year-old British man who researchers say has become victim to one of the strangest cases of déjà vu ever recorded in modern medical history. For the past eight years, he’s been “trapped in a time loop”, feeling as if he was reliving every moment of his life. The condition began in 2007 shortly after the man, who has not been named,

Spate of unusual UFO sightings reported around New Mexico over span of few weeks

As winter kicked into full force, New Mexico residents have been treated to a spate of UFO sightings as several residents reported seeing spectacular glowing orbs flying over the Land of Enchantment.   Four separate incidents, all with photographic evidence, were reported over the span of a few weeks (late 2014/early 2015).  One incident was solved – the other three remain unknowns. UFO orbs above New Mexico military base The sightings began a few weeks ago when U.S. military personnel filed an incident with NUFORC reporting a series of unusual orbs above a military installation in New Mexico (the name of the military installation was not disclosed in the report). Included with the report were three photos taken with military night-vision cameras. According to one witness (edited for

NASA cuts video feed (again) as enormous UFO captured rising above Earth’s atmosphere

More NASA HD video surfaced last week of an unusual object rising out the Earth’s atmosphere. As with previous events, as soon as the UFO appears, NASA quickly cut the video feed due to “technical difficulties”. In the video below, watch the horizon on the right-side of the screen (post-processing zoomed views were added after the unprocessed video segment).  As the Earth rotates below, the "High Definition Earth Viewing experiment" captures a huge, round object rising above the earth’s horizon and into space. Very few explanations have been offered thus far. Some surmise debris on the camera lens, space junk floating in the distance, or some sort of unknown top-secret high-tech aircraft. Others have proposed that the unknown object is the Moon. Most are still scratching

Man beats the odds – truck crushed into 3-foot space between two semis and he miraculously survives

A 26-car pileup in Oregon involving 100 people in 26 cars resulted in 12 injured drivers and one amazing photograph of a driver who against all odds – survived the horrific crash virtually unharmed. The picture above features 27-year-old Kaleb Whitby, who was driving his four-door pickup truck in the heavy wind and fog when the pileup occurred. In the aftermath, Whitby found his truck crushed and tangled into a small three-foot side gap between two 18-wheeler semi-trucks. Against all logic and probability, Whitby survived the ordeal despite his Chevrolet Silverado being flattened into a three-foot wide space. The Oregonian interviewed Whitby and gave a gut-wrenching account of the accident. “Headed up a slight hill into a curve, Whitby decided to pass the semi-truck in front of

Saudi man receives 1000 lashes for “insulting Islam” – punishment postponed while he recovers from first beating

Raif Badawi just can’t keep his mouth shut. The Saudi Arabian man boldly denounces his government and runs a progressive Facebook page where he discusses hot Saudi topics like atheism and women’s rights. When Badawi created a web forum for liberal Saudis, the government of Saudi Arabia said “enough” and found Badawi guilty of “insulting Islam (i.e. apostasy) and sentenced him to 1,000 lashes. Problem is, 1,000 lashes would kill a man so the sentence had to be split into 20 sessions of 50 lashes each. Crowds gathered before the Al-Jafali mosque in Jeddah this week and watched jubilantly as Badawi, hands bound and stern-faced, took his weekly 50 lashes (to be carried out each Friday for twenty weeks). The second set of fifty lashes came due but a

He survived! Ex-NFL running back tumbles from boat off Florida coast – swims for 16 hours to reach safety

Former Miami Dolphins fullback Rob Konrad has quite a tale to tell his grandchildren after an unusually dangerous situation presented itself to him on January 7, 2015.  He was nine miles off the east coast of Florida when a wave knocked him out of his boat into the frigid Atlantic waters. But at 6’3” and 250 pounds, Konrad is no pushover.  Despite being circled by sharks and stung by stingrays, Konrad swam nearly 30 miles for a grueling sixteen hours, to reach the shore’s safety.  His story of survival is miraculous. The accidental fall from his boat On Wednesday, January 7, 2015, Konrad set out from Boca Raton to fetch his 31-foot Grady-White boat which was being serviced in Riviera Beach, about 30 miles north. Along the

Hong Kong smuggler caught with 94 iPhones taped to his body

On January 11, an wily immigrant from Hong Kong drew officials’ suspicion after they noticed the man walking funny, as if he had joint stiffness or sore muscles. They noted that the man, who was attempting to enter China’s border city of Shenzhen from the Futian Port, looked like he was weighed down even though he was only holding two plastic bags in his hands. They directed the man through the airport-style metal detector and to nobody’s surprise, the alarms sounded. The man was searched and it was discovered that underneath his clothes, his body was covered with tape and plastic bags. Pulling back the plastic wrapping on the man’s chest, stomach, back, legs, and groin, officials found 94 iPhones taped to his body. The stash

World Trade Center photographer’s last picture before North Tower collapsed on top of him

  54-year-old William G. Biggart first heard about the World Trade Center terrorist attacks from a passing taxi driver. News that a plane had just crashed into the World Trade Center prompted Biggart to rush to his apartment near Union Square and grab three of his cameras – two film and one digital. He then walked two miles to the center not knowing the next couple of hours would be the last moments of his life. As Biggart walked toward the burning towers, he shot photographs of the event from various angles. He arrived at the building complex and amidst fire trucks and emergency personnel, situated himself near the North Tower where he could shoot nearly straight up at the burning structures. At 9:29 AM, he captured

50-year-old homeless bodybuilder lives in a tent and makes the streets of Paris his own personal gym

  Meet homeless-bodybuilder Sayagh Jacques 50-year-old Sayagh Jacques has lived on the streets of Paris for many years, scrounging for spare change and nuggets of food just to stay alive. He spends his nights sleeping on the street in a tent that he has patched and insulated with pieces of cardboard. His two dogs help keep him warm. However, his unfortunate circumstance doesn’t stop Jacques from working out, striving to reach his goal of becoming an American bodybuilder. Jacques spends most of his time on a short stretch of street in Paris, France where he lives and sleeps with his two dogs. Jacques says that when people give him money, he doesn’t buy alcohol or smokes and instead, uses the money to buy healthy food, drink, and protein shakes to supplement his

Gates of Hell opened? Mysterious sulfur-smelling fogbank envelopes city of Seattle in dense, smelly fog

Residents of coastal US city of Seattle are mystified at a massive fogbank that has enveloped the entire area in a foul-smelling mist. Just after midnight on January 7, 2015, Seattle citizens began flooding social media networks with tales (and photos) of a large bank of dense fog that rolled across the landscape filling the streets with a pungent, sulphur-smelling odor reminiscent of “manure or pulp mills”. Others described the odor as smelling like “dead fish”, “sewer water”, “sulfur”, and “a giant flaming bag of manure”.  Nobody (including experts) are quite sure what caused it. Newspapers reported on the event this week with headlines reading “All of Seattle Smelled Like Poop Last Night” and “The Stink-Fog that Coated Seattle” – but none could offer an explanation for

Legendary material (Orichalcum) from lost city of Atlantis found on ancient shipwreck near Sicily

The ancient Greeks called it “orichalcum”, a mysterious metal material of unknown composition described by various ancient authors to be a beautiful sparkling red substance with fire-like reflections that adorned structures around the lost city of Atlantis. Yesterday, scientists announced that they had recovered 39 ingots of the mythical orichalcum from a ship that sank 2,600 years ago (around 600 BC) off the coast of Sicily lending further credence to Plato's account of the legendary city. Orichalcum (sometimes spelled aurichalcum) has been mentioned in several ancient writings. Jewish historian Josephus also wrote of orichalcum in his historic Antiquities of the Jews (Book VIII, sect. 88) and stated that the vessels in the Temple of Solomon were made of orichalcum, a material that was “like gold in

Observant researcher finds crashed triangle-shaped UFO in photo of Moon’s Ryder crater

Ryder crater is a notable crater on the far side of the Moon – the side that always faces away from Earth. It remained unobserved until 1959 when an orbiting Russian space probe first photographed it. It has never been explored by human life. Yesterday an observant viewer found an interesting anomaly in a NASA photograph of the 10-mile-wide crater – what appears to be a partially-buried triangle-shaped UFO. The unusually-shaped object was found by “Streetcap1”. In the photo above, you can see a clearly defined triangle-shaped object with a slightly rounded dome in the center. The perfectly symmetrical object juts from the moon’s surface at a slight angle.  Below is a full-size photo of the area where the object is located – arrow indicates the