Wright Patterson Air Force Base (Wright Field and Fiarfield Air Depot) around 1920

Alien bodyAn interesting report was submitted to MUFON yesterday (July 24, 2014). The report was filed by the grandchild of the woman who received the information firsthand around 1960 and apparently tired of having it weighing on her mind. According to the woman, her grandmother recalled a close friend from Wright Patterson Air Force Base confirming that indeed, there were alien bodies from the Roswell incident and those bodies were transferred and stored at Wright Patterson.

“My grandparents lived in Dayton, Ohio for years prior to 1964. A close friend retired from Wright Patterson AFB. He was high ranking. My grandmother, who was the most witty, honest, and candid persons I’dve ever met asked him if it were true about the alien craft and possibly the alien bodies being store at the base. I’ll never forget her telling me this story and her words regarding his response. He said “(my grandmother’s name), if the public knew what was at the base from the Roswell incident, there would be a general panic amongst the public. She asked him nothing else and he made no more mention of it.”

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is a United States Air Force base east of Dayton, Ohio, in Greene and Montgomery counties. It includes both Wright Field and Patterson Fields Wright-Patterson AFB is the largest base of the United States Air Force and reportedly the storage facility of alien bodies recovered from the July 2, 1947 Roswell UFO crash.

Mufon is currently investigating the woman’s report.

Sources: MUFON

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