White orb-like UFO caught on CCTV camera whizzing down darkened road in Russia

// May 13th, 2014 // News


White orb UFO caught travelling down darkened road in Russia

The video below was captured by Russian CCTV cameras outside a small commercial shop and shows the moment a white-orb UFO whizzes down a darkened road near the industrial complex. The unusual flying orb was filmed in Prokopyevsky, Russia in 2013. Subsequent to its appearance on YouTube, others came forward posting their own tales of similar sightings of white orb-like UFOs similar to the well-known (and often studied) Hessdalen Lights.

“They are probes sent out from ET mother-ships, and are here simply to catalogue the state of the biosphere-earth and even to monitor human emotions, as well as behavior.”

“Two years ago, my friends and I saw a orb like this, it moved left and right real quick, was egg shaped, and had colors like plasma all over it. About 20 minutes into watching it, two fighter jets flew over with a third one joining them in formation, then flew towards the orbs, did a circle, and then left.”

Check out the video below.

White orb-like UFO caught on CCTV camera–Russia

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