Family cat saves boy from attacking dog

This stunning video appeared on CNN today and shows a family cat saving a small boy from a viscous dog attack. In the video, the boy can be seen playing on his bicycle when the stray dog approaches him from the rear. The dog attacks, grabbing the boy by the leg and dragging him across the yard toward the street. From the right of the video, the family cat (Tara) comes screeching into frame knocking the attacking dog off the boy and chasing it away.

The video was captured in the late afternoon on 5/13/2014 by the family’s security cameras outside their home in Bakersfield, California. The boy is OK but did receive two stitches to close bite wounds he suffered during the attack. Police found that the dog belonged to a neighbor and noted that they have the dog “under observation”.

Check out the video below.

Cat saves boy from attacking dog
Sources: CNN

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