Weary of blood-sucking vampires? Stay away from Yorkshire, England

// September 18th, 2014 // News


Highgate Cemetery in London

A new study conducted by paranormal expert Lionel Fanthorpe has found that Yorkshire, England is a hotspot for vampire activity.  According to the report, eleven cases have been reported in Yorkshire during the past century.  A total of 211 cases were reported across Britain during the last century, many of which involved police investigations.  As far as Transylvania, during the same period only eight vampire sightings were reported.

Fanthorpe combed through more than 11,000 paranormal reports dating back to 1914 to compile his data.  The study was commissioned to mark the start of the vampire TV series, The Strain.

Here are the top 10 vampire hotspots in England:

1) Yorkshire – 11

2) Lancashire – 11

3) Essex – 10

4) Devon – 9

5) Sussex – 8

6) Dorset – 8

7) Suffolk – 7

8) Somerset – 7

9) Wiltshire – 6

10) London – 5

Sources: Herald Express, The Strain, Lionel Fanthorpe study

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