Did this Texas family just capture a live Chupacabra?

Jackie Stock’s husband, Bubba, was stunned on Sunday when he discovered a large, dark, hairless, growling creature eating corn outside their Ratcliffe, Texas home. He called to his wife to come take a look to which she replied, “Bubba, that looks like a baby chupacabra!” The couple managed to capture the mysterious beast in a small cage. Is this the legendary Chupacabra or a common mammal hosting a parasite that has caused all of its hair to fall out?  The mythical creature has never been proven to exist, but many people have often claimed to have seen animal of which there are many different descriptions.

The creature that the Stock family captured has wrinkly black skin and bulging eyes. They’ve kept the animal in the cage and have been feeding and watering it and showing it off to neighbors.

Neighbor Arlen Parma said:

“I hunted coons for 20 years with dogs and I ain’t ever seen anything that looks like that right there.”

No potential Chupacabra has been positively identified to date. Chupacabra first made the news in 1994 when several attacks were reported in Puerto Rico. One year later, in August of 1995, a streak of 150 animals were attacked in Canvanas, Puerto Rico and the rampage began. Subsequent reports have arrived from Mexico, Central America, South America, Chile, and the Southern United States (primarily Florida). A Mexican incident where 35 sheep were found mysteriously dead was blamed on El Chupacabra in 2012.

Scientists often speculate that hairless creatures believed to be El Chupacabra are actually wildlife like coyotes, foxes, and stray dogs infested with parasites.  The Stock family however, believe they are the first persons to capture a live Chupacabra.


UPDATE 4/4/14: Texas officials have stated that they believe the animal to be a hairless raccoon.  Since it is illegal to keep a wild raccoon in captivity, the Stock family was ordered to euthanize the animal, which they claim they have done.


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