Photo of ghost emerging from window of Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, California

Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, CaliforniaA Riverside, California boy has captured a picture of a ghostly apparition appearing outside the window of the fourth floor of the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. In the photo, you can see what appears to be the transparent figure of a man standing on the ledge of the fourth-floor window.

The Cecil Hotel has a storied history including the case of the missing tourist whose body was found in the water tank on the roof of the hotel and the abode of serial killer “The Night Stalker” and murder victim “The Black Dahlia”.

The frightened young lad told reporters:

“When I looked at that window, it just looked kind of creepy to me, and then I showed my friend, and he kind of freaked out. It just creeps me out still.”

The boy went on to tell reporters that the photo has already cost him some sleep and caused him to have nightmares.



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