Original Siberian Bigfoot photos surface – animated sequence reveals interesting new details

// October 11th, 2014 // News


Siberian Bigfoot photo from 2011

Photos of a Siberian Bigfoot (or Siberian Snowman) walking behind a stand of trees were taken in April 2011 near the mountain top of Sheregesh Green in Russia. Until this week, only edited versions of the photos existed. This new set of nine photos, originally taken by tourists in Seregese, put the sighting in better context.

Granted, Russia is notorious for hoaxes, but the photos are intriguing.  According to Russian news outlets, “scores of witnesses” spotted the strange creature as it moved into the woods.  Hominology researchers M.K. Davis and Igor Burstev have begun analysis of the frames. Little else have been gleaned from the photos since they appeared on a Russian news website in 2012. Keen-eyed readers have spotted several interesting features including a “beard” and odd-looking red patch on the back of the creatures neck.

Burstev stitched together several of the frames to create the animated sequence below.  It appears as if the creature was sitting and then rose to its feet when spotted by the tourist.  It then walks away into the woods.



Check out the full set of photos below.

Sources: M.K. Davis, Igor Burstev

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