After at least four villagers dead, 2,200 lb. man-eating crocodile captured in Uganda

// April 4th, 2014 // News



A one-ton crocodile was captured at Lake Victoria, Uganda yesterday. The beast had already killed at least four men (some reports indicate six) and injured many others when villagers begged the Uganda Wildlife Authority to hunt the creature down. After a four-day search, the 20-foot crocodile was captured using meat on a hook and a lasso.  Over 100 villagers watched as officials towed the beast to shore and placed it on a flatbed truck for transport.

The huge crocodile tipped the scales at 2,205 pounds, only about 100 pounds shy of the world record ( held by a saltwater croc named Lolong that was captured in the Philippines). The crocodile is estimated to be about 80 years old. It will be transferred to the Murchison Falls national park in Uganda.

Check out pictures of the one-ton crocodile below.


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