Frame by frame shot of UFO bursting through clouds near airplane

An interesting video of a high-speed UFO emerging from a cloud has shown up on YouTube. The location where the video was shot has not been divulged but it is believed to have been shot on April 25, 2014 using a 300mm lens. Several factors lend credence to its authenticity but at least one factor (in my opinion) casts a bit of doubt on its legitimacy.

In the video below, you will see a high speed, saucer-shaped UFO emerge from the clouds behind the airplane and speed quickly towards the left where it disappears from the frame. At full speed, it’s almost too fast to detect. We’ve slowed down the video and included several zoomed-shots to provide a better view of the mysterious craft.

In the zoomed views, you’ll note the clouds bursting open as the UFO emerges. When the saucer-shaped UFO is the same distance as the aircraft it seems to be in the same focal plane, growing clearer as it nears the camera.  By the time the craft exist the frame, it is clear enough to see portal-type windows around the circumference of the UFO.

In my opinion, the biggest factor casting a bit of doubt is the fact that the camera remained stationary on the sky, centered near where the UFO first appears. Again though, we know little about the origin of the video (which in itself could hint at hoax) – it could have been caught in a longer-running shot taken against the sky, catching the passing airplane and speeding UFO by chance.

Check it out and post your comments below.



UFO emerging from clouds near airplane

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