Crazy train in Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam passes inches from front doors of residents' homes

Located in the densely populated area of Old Quarter in capital city of Hanoi in Vietnam, this train passes down a narrow residential neighborhood street – mere inches from the front doors of residents. Residents know the train schedule, which passes by twice each day, and bring in possessions and children before the train passes. Some smaller items (e.g. motorcycles in the picture above) are left leaning tight against the homes providing mere inches of leeway between the motorcycle and passing train.

One visitor who viewed the phenomena noted:

“At just about 4 pm and 7 pm every day, you suddenly notice people start to file into their homes and in the front yard where kids were playing and women were cutting vegetables is suddenly replaced by rushing steel and noise.”

Check out images of the Vietnam Crazy Train below.

Sources: YouTube

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