Frozen Niagara Falls – waterfall landmark is close to freezing solid

// January 13th, 2014 // News


Frozen Niagara Falls (2014)

Although not completely frozen (come on, – nearly 76,000 gallons of water flow over it every second), the flow over Niagara Falls’ American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls has certainly frozen a considerable amount since last week’s (January 2014) chilly “polar vortex” event blasted the United States and Canada.  In fact, the Buffalo News is reporting a considerable portion of the American Falls *has* frozen solid.  Ice floes and giant icicles form on the falls every year and the ice at the base of the falls, called the ice bridge, has historically grown so thick that people used to build concession stands and walk from the United States to Canada on it (three people died in 1912 when the bridge collapsed while they were crossing it).  In early 2014, the unusual cold created a brilliant frozen sight at Niagara Falls with visitors flocking to the area in order to glimpse the frozen winter spectacle in person.

It is believed that in recorded history, Niagara Falls, which includes the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Canadian Falls, has never completely frozen although ice flows in 1911 and 1930’s slowed the flow of water to a trickle and a highly-unusual freeze in the mid 1800’s may have frozen up to 95% of the waterfall completely (see pictures in the photo montage below).

Check out the photo montage below.

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