WTF? Huge car-vending machine in China – customer inserts coins and out pops a car

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Kandi Technologies car-vending machine in China

Kandi Technologies car-vending machine in ChinaCan’t say we blame them. With some of the worst pollution and only 10% of the population owning cars, a vending machine that dispenses cheap electric rental cars seems like a no-brainer to us.  Wait a minute – a *vending machine* that dispense cars?!?!  In Hangzhou, China, citizens walk up to the multi-story Kandi Car garage, insert their credit card, push a few buttons, and viola, a fully-charged electric vehicle is retrieved via robotic arms, tracks, and elevators and deposited at their feet.

Kandi currently has two EV vending machines in Hangzhou (a city of 10 million people located just outside of Shanghai).  Kandi plans to add 10 more this year in cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.  Each vending machine holds between 30 and 300 cars.  Currently there is only one flavor available.

Most people in China manage to get around via a combination of walking, biking, trains, and scooters.  As income has risen however, car ownership is on the rise which is contributing to China’s already atrocious pollution problem.  The brainchild of Kandi Technologies, for a little over $3 an hour, Chinese can rent the EVs which get about 75 miles on a single charge (and max out at 50 mph).  Chinese officials believe these new car-vending machines may prove to eliminate the need for private car ownership.

Check out more pics of the automobile vending machine in the photo montage below.



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