Amou Haji has not bathed in over 60 years

The picture above is not a rock or earthen statue – it’s a real man, albeit a dirty one.  80-year-old Iranian Amou Haji, resident of the Dejgah village in the southern Iranian province of Fars, has not bathed in over 60 years, giving his skin and clothing an earth-tone that allows him to blend in with his surroundings.  Believing that cleanliness will only make him ill, the only water he comes into contact with is the 1 ½ gallons of water he drinks each day from an old, rusty oil can.  And his curious lifestyle choices do not end there…

Haji also holds a special contempt for fresh food and instead chooses to dine on the putrid, decaying flesh of dead animals; rotting porcupine is his favorite (tastes like chicken).  He smokes a pipe but instead of tobacco, he chooses to fill his pipe with the dried animal feces he finds laying around.  Occasionally he’ll smoke cigarettes, jamming a handful into his mouth at a time.  To cut his hair, he ignores the traditional scissors method and instead burns off his hair over an open flame.

Haji’s home is nothing more than a simple, hole in the ground although he sometimes sleeps in an open brick shack that the locals built for him out of pity.  He is often seen wearing an old, metal war helmet which he wears to keep his head warm.

Villagers say that Haji suffered some “emotional setbacks” in his youth, prompting him to choose his bizarre choices and isolated lifestyle.  Still, residents of the area say that Haji seems quite content, always smiling, without a care in the world, and is a joy to be around.  For all intents and purposes, his simplified lifestyle seems to make him happy.

Sources: Tehran Times, RYOT News, Review Pakistan, Flickr

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