Month: November 2014

Over 35 students “possessed” by evil spirits – exorcism conducted on most severe cases

Nearly three-dozen students at a school in the Philippines were taken to a local exorcist after the students began acting strangely, some collapsing on the floor and convulsing during classes. Two sisters at the school explained that they had been possessed by spirits believed to have been linked to two mango trees that had been cut down to build the school. Officials at the Toon Integrated School in a village near Cebu City, Philippines told reporters that thirty five students began collapsing around 3:00 PM. After students began reporting that they were “possessed by evil spirits”, teachers called the nearby Mary Help of Christians Parish which sent Reverend Nicolas Ramos to the facility. Ramos doused the children with holy water and noted that about a dozen

This terrifying video cannot possibly be real – can it?

Well-known Vine phenomenon, Logan Paul, notorious for his humorous vines, posted this video last week that has a lot of people concerned – and others applauding his work. In the video below, Paul dodges a speeding car, jumps as another car passes under him, then does an immediate dive to allow a fast-moving pickup truck to drive over him. Seems impossible - yes?  Paul’s a known gymnast so the stunt is not totally out of the question. Then again, it has to be fake because, well, he’s still alive. Hats off to Logan – real or fake – we don’t care.  Very bizarre video that scares the heck out of us. Man dodges, jump, and dives under speeding cars Sources: Logan Paul

Massive flash of light over Russia turns night into day – no explanation from authorities

Multiple sightings of an extraordinary yellow flash of light in the skies above Sverdlovsk, Russia on the night of November 14, 2014 have residents of the area scratching their heads. Scientists and local authorities are still unsure what caused the huge flash of light which “turned night into day”. Theories include military exercises (there are no military bases in the area), an explosion at a factory (nobody reported a fire or catastrophic event), meteor (Russian astronomers discount meteor because of the color), or exploding UFO. The flash of light occurred at around 6:39 PM on November 14 and lasted for about 11 seconds while engulfing a good part of the night sky. The light appears to have originated in Russia's Sverdlovsk region in the Urals. Though

Chicago O’Hare International Airport UFO – disc-shaped UFO seen by dozens of credible witnesses (2006)

Note: Unlike most photography used on Altered Dimensions, photos used in this article should be considered “illustrative” only.  None have been successfully authenticated by AD and at least one (the one above) is believed by many to have been digitally manipulated. The 2006 Chicago O’Hare UFO sighting is regarded as one of the most well-documented and widely-witnessed UFO sightings in modern history. Official insisted on labelling the sighting a weather anomaly but witnesses, including over a dozen O’Hare International Airport employees, say the object was as clear as day – a metallic disc-shaped craft hovering over gate C-17 of the O’Hare International Airport. A United Airlines employee sees something strange in the air On November 7, 2006 at approximately 4:15 PM, an airport ramp employee was “pushing back”

Steaks from Walmart contaminated with LSD – entire family takes unexpected trip while on vacation

In early March 2014, the Morales family — father Ronnie Morales, two daughters (Elyana and Rayna), and pregnant girlfriend Jessica Rosado – left their home in Connecticut for a short vacation in Tampa, Florida. While there, they purchased steaks from the local Walmart and cooked a quick dinner in their rental home. Shortly after finishing the meal, all members of the family began hallucinating - the children trying to grab vivid colors from the air and the father seeing multiple sets of many-fingered hands sprouting from his wrist. The family rushed themselves to the hospital where it was confirmed – they had been dosed with the hallucinogenic drug LSD. How the drug came to be placed  in the meat is unknown.  After experiencing odd hallucinations, Rosado called 911

New photos of Loch Ness Monster captured by “skeptic” on west shore of loch

58-year-old Richard Collis was driving along the west shore of Loch Ness on November 6, 2014 around 11:00 AM when he noticed something unusual in the water. He pulled over and shot some video and took some photos with his mobile phone.  What he captured was the classic Nessie head and neck shape extending from a large area of disturbed water. “I was travelling along the side of loch Ness, saw something out the corner of my eye, pulled over and went down to the Loch and took some photographs. As I was watching, I was thinking what the hell is that! The loch was quite rough and I wanted to get as best a picture that I could possibly get because I knew it wasn’t

Ghost caught on security cam in Japan – woman walks through it (circa 2011)

This video surfaced around 2011 and sparked much discussion. Years later, the consensus is still out – hoax or real? In the video, which was captured via a security cam on the streets of Japan, you will see a woman walking down the sidewalk (top-right side of frame). As she approaches a man standing stationary on the sidewalk, she turns her head to look at something on the opposite side of the street. By all appearances, she is about to walk right into the man. Instead, she walks right through him. Check out the video below. We’ve added additional post-processing zooms and slow-mo’s. Woman walks through ghost on Japanese street

Colorado man trapped inside Marshalls store walls for up to three days

Employees at a Marshalls department store in Longmont, Colorado began hearing the distant sound of a screaming man on the morning of November 10, 2014 but after searching throughout the store, were unable to locate the source of the mysterious sound. The next day, the faint sound of a yelling man returned. Once again, employees traversed the corner of the store where the cries appeared to be coming from but as before, could not determine the cause of the mysterious noise. Out of concern, they called police. Police and firefighters arrived at the store and also thought they heard the sound of a shouting man. After about a half-hour of searching, they found that the noise was coming from *inside* the walls of the building. Firefighters broke

Paranormal investigator inexplicably begins stabbing himself inside infamous haunted Villisca Axe Murder House

On June 10, 1912, the Villisca Axe Murder House claimed the lives of eight innocent people who were bludgeoned to death by an unknown assailant. Last week, the Villisca House nearly claimed yet another victim when an out-of-town paranormal investigator began inexplicably attacking himself with a knife while investigating inside the reputedly-haunted home. Police are unsure what prompted the horrific attack but told reporters that they believed “it was no accident”. The Villisca axe murders, Iowa’s worse homicide in the state’s history, spawned nearly ten years of investigations, multiple grand jury hearings, a spectacular slander suit, a murder trial, and numerous litigations and trials. The horrendous crime made and broke political careers throughout the state and was responsible for the introduction of new statewide criminal laws

High-speed disc-shaped UFO filmed from passenger cabin of airplane flying over Iran

An interesting video has surfaced that captured a high-speed disc-shaped UFO flying over Iranian airspace. The video was shot by a passenger through the window of a commercial airplane using a smartphone. The video was captured several months ago but is just now gaining interest (and prompting discussion) in the paranormal community. The aircraft was flying over Iran at the time the video was taken.  Thus far, no government or organization has come forward claiming the UFO was theirs. The object is clearly a silver or white wingless, disc or oval-shaped craft . It can be seen in the video approaching from the right-hand side of the frame. Check out the video below. We’ve added segments containing post processing zooms and slowed video frames to assist.   UFO filmed from airplane flying over Iran

Ghost of the Langsmeade House Nanny captured in photograph during ghost hunting expedition

Chelle Morris was on a ghost-hunting expedition with the paranormal research group, Swindon Ghosthunters, at the haunted Langsmeade House in Oxford when she snapped the eerie picture above. Morris says she believes the picture captured the renowned ghost of the Langsmeade House Nanny peering from a second story window. At the time the picture was taken, the Langsmeade House was said to be empty.  Legend says the ghost is the remnant of a nanny who was riddled with guilt over a child who died in her care after falling out of a tree on the property.  According to Morris (edited for clarity): “We were investigating the grounds and heading towards the house.  I looked up and there were flashing lights on the second floor...  I decided to take

The Gombe Chimpanzee War – violent four-year civil war for territory involved kidnapping, rape, and murder (1974)

The violence began on January 7, 1974 when a party of six males from the southern Kasakela tribe brutally attacked and murdered Godi, a young, well-liked male member of the northern Kahama tribe. Over the next four years, all six males from the Kahama tribe would be killed by the Kasakela. Female Kahama tribe members suffered similar fates – one was murdered, two went missing and were never found, and three were kidnapped, beaten, and raped by the Kasakela. The war was over a sliver of jungle turf – and the combatants were monkeys. The war was called The Gombe Chimpanzee War (also known as the Four-Year War) and it lasted from 1974 through 1978. Scientists had never witnessed anything like it - and have never

Fifth UFO in 30 days caught on International Space Station cam as NASA breaks live stream feed

The International Space Station’s (ISS) live stream has once again captured what appears to be a spherical-shaped UFO within range of the orbiting space station. The silhouette of the earth can be seen in the lower left hand side of the frame. Approaching from the left-hand side, you will see a large, lighted orb slowly move towards the camera, sit stationary for a few moments, and then slowly fade from view. The live stream, which was recorded on November 3, 2014, then cuts to a blue screen with a message saying the stream has been stopped due to a change in cameras or a signal interruption. Skeptics have suggested the UFO is a smudge on the ISS camera lens but even considering the orbital speed of the

Terrified girls inadvertently capture picture of Newcastle ghost while snapping selfie

Two young ladies taking a selfie were surprised to find that they unintentionally captured the presence of what they believe is a ghostly spirit. The girls were out and about in Newcastle on Sunday, October 26, 2014 when they decided to pop into a local pub, the Slug, for a quick drink.  22-year-old Victoria Greeves and her 23-year-old friend Kayley Atkinson say the pub was empty at the time and claim they did not see the spooky old Victorian-era woman who appeared in the background of the photo, standing between the two friends. Greeves was so frightened by the incident that she deleted the picture from her phone. Luckily, beforehand she sent the photo to friends on Snapchat who retained copies as proof of the otherworldly appearance. Greeves told

Mysterious SDI defense program deaths beg frightening question – how far will a government go to protect its secrets?

The Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) program – aka the “Star Wars Project” The Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) program, popularly known as the “Star Wars project”, was first proposed by United States President Ronald Reagan in 1983 (and was likely conceived a few years prior to that). Its stated mission was simple: create a space-based system to protect the United States and its allies from attack by enemy strategic nuclear ballistic missiles. To the United States of course, the Strategic Defense Initiative could realize ground-breaking technological advances but Britain had much to gain too. In return for Margaret Thatcher’s support for the Star Wars program, the Reagan Administration promised a number of lucrative SDI contracts to the British defense industry including partnerships with key British defense companies