Month: September 2014

Film analysis of frame 61 of the Patterson Bigfoot video reveals exciting new evidence

Probably no other film in history has been hotly debated as the Patterson-Gimlin film, the 1967 video that appears to show a Bigfoot creature walking through the woods near Bluff Creek, California. Experts have stated that if the creature were indeed a costumed human, the costume would have been a very elaborate effect for that day and age (in contrast, compare the creature in the Patterson film to the professionally-designed costumes worn by the apes in the 1968 Planet of the Apes movie). On the other hand, a few people have come forward claiming the Bigfoot sighting was a hoax – that they created the costume or wore it in the woods the day Patterson shot the infamous video. Regardless of their claims however, Patterson went

Diners in London to be served new “human flesh burger” – burger tastes like human flesh

London-based chef James Tomlinson and “freelance creative" food designer Miss Cakehead say no human beings were harmed during the development of their new “human flesh burger”, a hamburger designed to taste uniquely like human flesh. The burger was developed as part of a one-time promotion to mark the launch of the fifth season of The Walking Dead television series. The chefs based the taste of the burgers on descriptions supplied by real-life cannibals such as 1920’s explorer William Seabrook who likened the taste to "good, fully developed veal, not young, but not yet beef" and the murderer Issei Sagawa, who said it “melted in my mouth like raw tuna in a sushi restaurant". The human flesh burger meat will contain pork, veal, chicken liver, and bone

Holy man claims he can bring dead back to life – kills volunteer, flubs resurrection

A pir (a Muslim saint or holy man) in Pakistan excited the villagers of Mubarakabad, Bahawalnagar when he announced he could bring the dead back to life. Muhammad Sabir had already gained notoriety for his ability to perform miracles and was popular amongst the villagers. When he announced he could breathe life back into a dead man (with the condition that the dead man was married and have children), 40-year-old Muhammad Niaz couldn’t pass up the opportunity to experience the afterlife. Indeed, Niaz got to experience the afterlife but unfortunately, after a botched resurrection attempt, will not be able to provide Altered Dimensions with any details about it. Witnesses say Sabir placed Niaz, a married father of six children, on a table in a mysterious square and

21-year-old Florida woman obviously misunderstands men’s motiviations – adds third breast to make herself unattractive

21-year-old Jasmine Tridevil (I’m guessing this isn’t her real name) says she was rejected by fifty plastic surgeons before one cosmetic surgeon (licensed?) agreed to perform an unusual surgery to add a third breast in between Tridevil’s two natural breasts. At a cost of more than $20,000, the surgeon’s only condition was that she sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect his identity. The doctor constructed the third breast out of silicone, skin tissue taken from her stomach, and used an artificial implant to create the nipple for her new breast. The areola was tattooed on by a tattoo artist. When asked why she sought such a bizarre procedure, Tridevil gave two reasons – (1) she wants to be a reality TV star (subsequent to her surgery, there's plenty of

Toxic Red Tide threatens Florida beaches and marine life

  The Weather Channel is reporting that a massive toxic red tide is killing marine life off the coast of Florida. According to the Weather Channel, the large blooms of red algae are located about five miles off St. Petersburg and measure an astonishing 60 miles wide by 100 miles long. Once local fisherman told The Weather Channel: “It boils up in the propeller wash like boiled red Georgia clay. It's spooky.” Red tide kills fish, manatees and other marine life by releasing a toxin that paralyzes their central nervous system. The algae also foul beaches and can be harmful to people who inhale the algae's toxins when winds blow onshore or is dispersed into the air by crashing waves. Skin contact with red tide water can cause

Woman spends $50,000 to transform herself into real-life blow-up sex doll

30-year-old Victoria Wild had great aspirations.  She wanted puffy pouty lips, gigantic breasts, and huge eyelashes so she could look more like an inflatable sex toy.  Wild went through several operations to obtain size 32G breasts followed by rhinoplasty, bottom implants, lip implants, and botox injections.  $50,000 dollars later (she funded her surgeries with various modeling jobs), it looks like she accomplished her goal. Wild heralds from Cannes, France and says her obsession with looking like a blow-up doll began when she visited Latvia as a teenager.  Ten years later, her boyfriend Simon encourage her to pursue her dream.  Wild told The Metro that she is pleased with the result and her boyfriend is also excited about her new look: “Simon loves my sex doll look. I’m a

Weary of blood-sucking vampires? Stay away from Yorkshire, England

A new study conducted by paranormal expert Lionel Fanthorpe has found that Yorkshire, England is a hotspot for vampire activity.  According to the report, eleven cases have been reported in Yorkshire during the past century.  A total of 211 cases were reported across Britain during the last century, many of which involved police investigations.  As far as Transylvania, during the same period only eight vampire sightings were reported. Fanthorpe combed through more than 11,000 paranormal reports dating back to 1914 to compile his data.  The study was commissioned to mark the start of the vampire TV series, The Strain. Here are the top 10 vampire hotspots in England: 1) Yorkshire - 11 2) Lancashire - 11 3) Essex - 10 4) Devon - 9 5) Sussex - 8 6) Dorset - 8 7) Suffolk

Fort Lauderdale witness captures disc-shaped UFO while snapping pics of double-rainbox

A Fort Lauderdale, Florida witness caught this photo of a fast-moving UFO spotted off of I-95 on September 15, 2014.  The witness had noticed the double-rainbow in the sky and started snapping pictures with his smartphone while driving.  The witness says he took four photographs of the rainbow and on the 4th shot, the object shot into frame.  According to the witness: “As quickly as it appeared, it was gone.” During the month of August 2014, Florida had 26 UFO reports - the 5th highest reporting state (California with 99 reports was the highest reporting state for the month). Sources: MUFON

Remarkable new photo of the Lake District Lizard (aka Bownessie) surfaces

24-year-old London photographer Ellie Williams captured this amazing image of what looks like the Loch Ness monster in the Lake District, near the small village of Bowness and located only 150 miles from its traditional home.  Hoping to capture the colors of the changing season, Williams had set up a camera to automatically take photos throughout the day at Windermere.  It was only when reviewing the images in detail that she noticed something odd, set in the distance near the lake’s shore.  According to Williams: “When I set up at Lake Windermere it was business as usual to take some lovely photos of the wildlife around the lake. When I reviewed all the images I thought it might have been a swan or a goose, as

Haunted dolls – when demonic and spiritual entities take possession of inanimate objects

There are many documented cases of demonic entities and ghostly spirits inhabiting inanimate objects.  Historical accounts of books, vases, boxes, automobiles and of course, houses, have been reported to become “possessed” with otherworldly spirits but one of the most common inanimate objects subject to demonic or ghostly possession are toys – particularly children's’ dolls. The demonic possession of Annabelle the Doll Most readers are familiar with the case of Annabelle the Doll, the Ed and Lorraine Warren investigation of the demonic entity that dwelt inside a Raggedy Ann Doll (and mentioned in the movie, The Conjuring). The doll had been given to a young nursing student as a birthday present from her mother. Shortly thereafter, the woman (Donna) and her roommate (Angie) noticed that the position and

DNA evidence reveals Aaron Kosminski was Jack the Ripper – has the JTR case been solved? [UPDATE]

Was Aaron Kosminski really Jack the Ripper? Case closed? Note: As a preface to these new findings, you can read all about the infamous Jack the Ripper case here or check the extensive timeline of Jack the Ripper events here. Has the Jack the Ripper case been solved using DNA evidence? In Russell Edwards’ Naming Jack the Ripper (September 9, 2014), he claims that DNA evidence shows beyond reasonable doubt that Aaron Kosminski, a popular Jack the Ripper suspect, was the infamous killer of at least five prostitutes during the Victorian era. Edwards reached his conclusion based on DNA collected from a shawl reportedly found next to the body of Catherine Eddowes, who was discovered in Mitre Square in the City of London on September 30, 1888, with her throat

Fox viewers spot UFO streaking across TV screen during St. Louis newscast

Fox 2 viewers in St. Louis, Missouri saw something strange during their nightly weather report this week. A Labor Day lightning storm put on a spectacular show during the newscast and Fox 2 made frequent live cut-aways to give viewers updates on the severe weather event. Then, at 9:07 PM, something odd flashed across the screen. The flying object is illuminated by flashes of lightning and in the blink of an eye – it’s gone. Fox 2 producer Kevin Pope thinks it’s a bird flying at 600 MPH but UFO investigators enhanced and analyzed the video and found that the flying object has a clearly-defined rectangular shape - the same shape as a 1/2 mile long rectangular-shape UFO that was spotted two weeks ago in Illinois

Illinois witness reports huge UFO flying in night sky – “at least 1/2 mile or longer”

An unusual report out of Waltonville, Illinois – will be interesting to see if anything comes out of this. A group of men were fishing outside of the small town of Waltonville in southern Illinois on August 23, 2014, when they spotted a huge object flying across the night sky. The object was described as being at least ½ mile long or longer, with a slight glow to it. According to one of the men: “It reminded me of some of the giant ships in the Star Wars movies...  I was amazed at the experience.” The men tracked the object northward until it disappeared from sight. One man submitted a crude drawing of the airship which showed the object to be rectangular-shaped with a pointed front end. Illinois