Month: August 2014

High speed highway motorcycle crash – rider flips, lands on feet on roof of car [video]

Spiderman’s got nothing on this fortunate motorcycle rider. Check out the video below which was shot via an automobile dashcam. Pay attention to the black car in the right lane. Out of view (behind the filming car), a motorcyclist travelling at a high rate of speed is beginning to switch lanes to move in front of the filming car. As the motorcyclists enters the black car’s blind spot, the black car also begins to change lanes to move in front of the filming car. As a result, the motorcycle slams into the back of the car sending the rider head over heels over the trunk of the automobile. Alas, no blood and gore here folks. With catlike reflexes, the rider comes out of the flip

Professional geologist continues to find unusual artifacts in the Roswell crash debris field

After moving to the Roswell, New Mexico area, Frank Kimbler, a professional geologists, took an interest in the Roswell crash lore and began investigating the infamous crash debris field in search of clues to the 60-year-old mystery. It will come as no surprise to the readers that as a result, Kimbler has made several highly unusual discoveries including unusual artifacts and aerial photographic evidence of disturbed ground in and around the debris field. For over 30 years, Frank Kimbler worked as a geologist and as an oceanographer for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Before moving to Roswell to take a teaching position at the New Mexico Military Institute, Kimbler didn’t have much interest in UFOs (even though he experienced an unusual sighting himself in his 20's)

Called “streamers”, solar power plants are causing birds to ignite in midair

They call them “streamers” for the smoke plume that comes from the birds as they ignite in midair while flying over solar plants. Solar plant operators argue that the puffs of smoke commonly seen erupting above the panels is nothing more than insects or bits of airborne trash being ignited by the solar rays reflecting from the panels.  Wildlife investigators however, recently reported witnessing an average of one “streamer” every two minutes at the BrightSource Energy plant in California.  The full extent of bird deaths from solar panels is not known and range from 1,000 to 28,000 deaths per year. According to ABC News: “The bird kills mark the latest instance in which the quest for clean energy sometimes has inadvertent environmental harm. Solar farms have been

Louisville residents ready arms and police phone lines come alive after real-life “Purge” threat panics city

Louisville, Kentucky police officers prepared for a real-life “purge” tonight while citizens armed themselves in anticipation of the rumored deadly event. Flyers distributed throughout the city and social media chatter proclaimed the event to begin at 8:30 PM Friday (8/15/2014) and run until 6:30 AM Saturday morning. WLKY TV reports the threat is serious enough, local high schools cancelled school events and the FBI became involved. Louisville Metro Police Sgt. Phil Russell told reporters: “Due to circumstances that have trended nationally in regards to flash mob violence, in light of what occurred this past spring here, we realize that these things can occur in an instant.” To compound the seriousness of the threat even further, the Louisville “purge”came on the same weekend of the opening of the Kentucky State

More photos and video of UFO over Houston emerge

I originally hesitated before reporting the recent UFO sightings over Houston, Texas but after seeing additional photos and videos of the August 12, 2014 event, decided there was a good chance the object(s) sighted could be more than just reflections on an automobile’s windshield or an errant drone. The brightly-lit orbs were sighted over Houston, Texas during the night of August 11 and early morning hours of August 12, 2014. Multiple sources came forward presenting video and photographic evidence of the object(s) that were taken as a thunderstorm moved over the area. Local KPRC-Houston DJ, DJ Nayyz claims he spotted the object while driving home and began tweeting several photos with the caption “UFO over Houston’s east side”. Later, a second witness, “Mr Rastafarian”, posted

Satellite photos show huge new hanger inside Area 51

What is this mysterious new hanger that has popped up inside the top-secret Area 51 facility?  The folks over at Fox Trot Alpha noticed the new hanger in the latest satellite imagery released to the public in late June 2014. The new hanger is interesting, not just because of its size, but its unusual location in a secluded area on the southern side of the top-secret military base. The new hanger measures approximately 225 feet across and is located just off the end of the runway on the south side of the base. The unusual location of the hanger keeps it out of sight of Area 51 workers while still allowing quick access to the nearby runway. FTA described the benefits of the new hanger's design: “The fact that this new

Runaway teenager found living the good life inside 24-hour Walmart store

A 14-year-old Texas boy was found four days after he ran away from home in the most unlikely place – living inside a 24-hour Walmart in Corsicana, Texas. The young teen had set up two hidden “camp sites” inside the store, including a sleeping area tucked behind a row of baby stroller boxes, and survived by eating food taken from the store.  Alas, his untidy habits put an end to his clever ploy - employees discovered the boy after following a “trail of food wrapping” that led to the teen’s hidden lair. Police say the boy avoided detection by changing clothes several times each day and noted that he seemed to be doing quite well, even keeping a pet fish from the pet department in a

Freakish two-headed dolphin washes ashore in Turkey

Turkish beachgoers received a gruesome surprise last week when the body of a freakish two-headed dolphin washed onto the shore of Izmir on Turkey’s west coast. The two-headed dolphin, which had two heads but merged to share just one tail, was discovered by sports teacher Tugreul Metin who watched in amazement as it washed onto the beach. “I couldn't take it in at first - I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.  I've never even heard about a dolphin like this let alone seen one with my own eyes.  I was completely shocked.” Measuring over 3 feet in length, the dead dolphin was believed to be a one-year-old calf. The eyes on one of the dolphin heads had not fully opened and neither head had