Month: June 2014

New Bigfoot photos emerge from Virginia – man says he is now a believer

Interesting (and clear) pictures of a purported Bigfoot shot near Norfolk, Virginia emerged over the weekend. The poster of the pictures, Randy O’Neal, explained that they were taken by his father on June 28, 2014 using a Verizon Wireless flip phone. O’Neal says the photos were taken while his father and a friend (“Uncle Jap”) were fishing at a creek off the intercoastal waterway. O’Neal added that the photos were shot near a location where 25 years earlier, he had experienced an odd encounter with an unknown creature. “About 25 years ago, my dad, a friend of ours, and myself had a late night run in with an unknown creature. It was around 9 PM and we had been camping, fishing, shooting beer cans, etc. We had

Bizarre accident – man fighting fire dies after accidentally swallowing molten lead (1755)

A no more unusual circumstance than swallowing molten metal can be imagined but in fact, there are many recorded cases of people swallowing molten metals (both by accident and as a method of torture). After a particularly unusual incident in Plymouth, a series of experiments were conducted on dogs, cats, and fowl to determine the effects of swallowing molten material. The case that sparked the interest within the medical community was the death of Henry Hall who accidentally swallowed molten lead while fighting a lighthouse fire in 1755. The death of Henry Hall 94-year-old Henry Hall was a lighthouse keeper who worked on the Eddystone Lighthouse in the English county of Devon. At around 2:00 AM on December 2, 1755, Hall discovered that a spark from a

Second Slender Man attack -13-year-old girl, obsessed with Slenderman, attacks mother with knife

In what looks to be the beginning of an epidemic, a second Slender Man inspired attack occurred in Cincinnati this week. This attack follows a Wisconsin Slenderman related attack in which two 12-year-old girls allegedly stabbed their friend in order to please Slenderman, the tall, faceless, grotesquely skinny figure rumored to capture and shuffle kids off in the night. In the latest attack, a 13-year-old girl donned a hood and mask and attacked her mother with a knife in the kitchen of their Hamilton Country, Cincinnati home. According to the girl’s mother, “she was someone else during the attack”. The mother said the daughter has always been “dark”, penning gloomy writings and shadowy drawings depicting demons and other evil entities. The mother said the girl was

The Dylatov Pass Incident – what slaughtered nine young hikers in the Russian wilderness? (1959)

Nine seasoned hikers die inexplicable deaths One January 25, 1959, nine hikers from the Soviet Union’s Ural Polytechnic Institute set off from the city of Sverdlovsk (1,200 miles east of Moscow) on a three-week cross-country skiing expedition to the nearby Otorten Mountain range. Led by enthusiastic 23-year-old Igor Dyatlov, the group boarded a train in Ivdel (in the northern province of Sverdlovsk Oblast) and headed for the northern Urals. The team would never make it to their destination (nor ever be seen alive again) and their enigmatic deaths prompted an investigation which revealed many mysterious and still-unexplained anomalies. Some were found wearing only underwear, some with only one shoe or one sock, and some wearing the tattered remains of other party members clothing. Despite no evidence

Geographical profiling pinpoints street Jack the Ripper lived on

  New Evidence suggests Jack the Ripper lived on Flower and Dean Street The century-old Jack the Ripper mystery may be one step closer to resolution after Canadian criminologists Dr. Kim Rossmo and Steve Le Comber of Queen Mary, University of London announced that their geographical profiling model pinpointed Jack the Rippers place of residence as Flower and Dean Street in old London. The street has long been known as “the wicked quarter mile” and was a festering slum of brothels, opium dens, and doss houses during the time of the Jack the Ripper murders. Rossmo and Comber used their latest geographical profiling model and the locations of the five canonical Ripper victims to target the Victorian serial killer’s residence. The model works because most criminals operate in predictable

12-year-old girls stab friend in order to gain favor from demonic Slenderman entity

Two 12-year-old Waukesha, Wisconsin girls have been arrested after a vicious knife attack against a 12-year-old friend. The victim was stabbed 19 times but thankfully, is expected to recover from her wounds (one wound missed a major artery near her heart by a millimeter). Officials believe the pair spent several months planning their May 31, 2014 attack and that they believed by killing the young girl, they would prove to Slenderman that they were “worthy” and gain favor from the mysterious demonic entity. Slenderman is a tall, faceless, grotesquely skinny figure rumored to capture and shuffle kids off in the night (see here for more on Slenderman). One of the girls told investigators they decided to kill their friend so they could become “proxies” of the