Month: January 2014

New hints at the location of the Ark of the Covenant found in newly translated ancient Hebrew text

James R. Davila, professor at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland (with a Ph.D. from Harvard), has just released a fully-translated version of an ancient text, titled The Treatise of Vessels (Massekhet Kelim in Hebrew), in which clues to the location of many of the lost treasures from Solomon’s Temple, including the Ark of the Covenant, are listed. Originally written in Hebrew and for the first time translated fully to English, the Treatise of Vessels reads like a veritable inventory of the treasures of Solomon’s Temple that were hidden at the time of the temple’s destruction by Nebuchadnezzar and the Haldeans in the sixth century BC. The legendary Ark of the Covenant is the gilded case that the Bible says was constructed nearly 3,000 years

UFO sighted by Bremen airport traffic controllers – airport traffic suspended

Travel at the Bremen airport in northwestern Germany was disrupted yesterday after a UFO appeared multiple times on airport radar. Visual conformations of the unidentified object were also provided by air traffic controllers and local police officers. The incident occurred on Monday, January 6 between 6:30 PM and 9:30 PM during which time several flights to and from the Bremen airport were cancelled or diverted away from the area. The object was estimated to be flying at 1,000 feet and was clearly visible on airport radar, disappearing and reappearing for three hours before finally vanishing. Some citizens in the area said the object was well-lit and extremely loud while Bremen police said the object seemed to have some sort of spotlight that shone in the air.

The unsolved Max Headroom Incident – pirates hijack Chicago TV broadcast to air bizarre and creepy tirade (1987)

Before the advent of the Internet and widespread public knowledge of a coordinated “hacking” culture, a strange and eerie incident occurred during a November 22, 1987 broadcast on WTTW-11 Chicago (a PBS affiliate) of Dr. Who, when a still-as-yet unidentified hacker took over the station’s broadcast replacing a brief section of the evening’s program with a creepy montage of a masked Max Headroom figure spouting bizarre, and often unintelligible, statements at the camera. Even more baffling, the perpetrators, who would have had to not only possess expert knowledge of broadcast technology but also have access to sophisticated and expensive television broadcast equipment, appeared to be youngsters. To date, how the perpetrators hijacked the television station’s broadcast is unknown and the culprit(s) have never been found