Captivating, eye-opening, and thought provoking, this presentation by Dr. R. E. Trent begins with a history of the polio vaccination and the fiasco that occurred in 1960 when it was discovered that tens of millions of people had been injected with polio vaccinations that were accidentally infected with the cancer-causing SV40 virus.  The video then briefly discusses the JFK assassination and presents a fascinating theory tying it in with the SV40 virus.  The video concludes with some eye-opening facts about the use of aborted fetal tissue (human diploid cells) in vaccinations.  If this all sounds nuts to you – research first.  You will find that 99% of what Dr. Trent discusses in this presentation is plain and simple fact that has been hidden right under your nose.  This is a presentation that will hit you hard, will without a doubt change your view on medicine and medical research, and one that you will be telling your friends about tomorrow.


The exploding Autoimmune Epidemic by Dr. R.E. Trent


Note: I have been able to find little about the doctor who gave this presentation. The presentation appears to have been shot sometime near the end of 2011.

Sources: YouTube, Wikipedia, World Health Organization

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