Video captures massive mudslide and huge boulder narrowly missing passing car

// September 4th, 2013 // News


Mudslide and massive boulder that narrowly missed passing car

The video below was shot via a dashboard camera during Tropical Storm Kong-Rey near Keelung, Taiwan. In the video you will see a heavy mudslide rain down from the roadside mountain followed by a gigantic boulder that comes to rest mere feet from a car trapped by the debris. The boulder weighs hundreds of tons and would have been catastrophic to the automobile if the massive mudslide had not shoved the car to the opposite side of the roadway.

The incident occurred in northern Taiwan, on Beining Road, which leads from the Zhongzheng District of Keelung City to New Taipei City’s Ruifang District. A nearby tropical storm caused heavy rains in Taiwan which likely loosened the soil on the mountainside seen in the video. Several large mudslides were reported in Japan during the September 2, 2013 tropical storm.


Mudslide throws huge boulder–narrowly misses passing car
Sources: The Taipei Times

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