Sidewall skiing – Saudi Arabian youth drive on two wheels in latest craze

// April 2nd, 2013 // News


Saudi Arabia Sidewall Skiiing - youth's newest dangerous fad involves driving car on two wheels

Saudi Arabian youth, who apparently have very little to live for, have introduced some wild and crazy driving stunts to the world before.  Last year YouTube video of Saudi youth “skiing” behind speeding cars went viral.  This year they’ve upped the ante with “sidewall skiing”.  Sidewall skiers use a ramp to tilt the car up onto two wheels.  Then the driver must rely on maneuvering skills to keep the car from flipping over.  Whilst driving on two wheels, passengers cling to the sides and perform tricks – standing on the car, push-ups  or even changing a tire have all been performed and captured on video.  Check the picture and video gallery below.


Sidewalk Skiing–Saudi Arabia youth gone wild

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